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from Morganton, NC 28655

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    Morganton, NC 28655
    Current Setup:
    Eden WT800
    Blue MIM standard jazz
    Roscoe SKB 3005
    Epifani UL410
    American Jazz bass

    Zoom B2
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Squire Strat
    Classic 60s strat
    Alembic Spoiler
    Behringer 410
    Aria pro 11
    Fender Aerodyne jazz bass
    Eden Nemesis 410
    Squier DD P-bass
    Squier black pbass
    Hartke 4200 410
    Carvin 15" w\bw
    Music Man
    Ampeg Svt Tube amp
    Ampeg 810 cabinet
    Peavey 18'
    Sun 15' Scoop folded horn
    Sunn colliseum 300 wt
    Roland sh101
    MIM jazz bass
    SWR 750x
    Peavey 15" w/JBL
    Shecter Elite 4
    Epifani UL410
    Spector Legend 5
    Warwick FNA Jazzman 5
    Fender Classic 60s Strat
    2 = Sx 5 string
    SX 4string
    Peavey TNT
    SWR goliath III
    Swr 115
    SWR Big Ben
    Eden 410 XLT
    Eden 410 SLT
    Tasco bass trainer
    Boss BR1200cd
    SX Naturl jazz V
    SX Black jazz V
    SX Sunburst jazz 4
    SX Natural jazz 4
    Marcus Miller Sig 4
    Fender Pro 400 210
    Peavey TNT
    G.A.S. List:
    Roscoe skb 2005
    Eden wt800c
    Eden 410xlt and 118xl
    Influences and Teachers:
    Stanley Clark
    Victor Wooten
    Will Lee
    Anthony Jackson
    Mark King
    Marcus Miller
    Louis Johnson
    Nathan East
    Chris Squire
    Getty Lee
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Radio controled cars, Stereos, Computers


    Fender MIA Club member #112
    It's all good, cause it is what it is! :bassist:
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