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Jul 24, 2007
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near Mt. Rainier

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    near Mt. Rainier
    Current Setup:
    Ibanez SR705
    Ibanez SR600
    Ibanez SR405
    Ibanez SR400
    Ibanez Roadstar II RB850

    Carvin BX700
    Carvin BR115

    Darkglass B3K
    TC Polytune II
    TC Vortex Chorus
    TC Flashback Delay
    TC Corona Flanger
    Favorite Genres:
    Female Fronted Rock & Metal
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Vox Beatle Bass
    Fender Musicmaster
    G&L 82' L-2000
    Ibanez 85' RB630
    Ibanez 91' SR800
    Ibanez 93' SR885
    Peavey Grind-5
    07' ESP LTD B155
    08' ESP LTD B155DX
    09' Luna Andromeda
    Ibanez 16' SR1300

    Peavey MKIII + Peavey 212
    Peavey MKIV + Peavey 215
    GK Backline 600

    Boss ODB-3
    DetaLab SC-1
    DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus
    MXR Dyna Comp
    MXR Phase 45
    Polaris FLG-5 Flanger
    Influences and Teachers:
    Terry "Geezer" Butler_Chris Squier_Geddy Lee
    David Ellefson_Steve Harris
    John Myung_Justin Chancellor
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Horror Movies, Science, Astronomy, & Wildlife


    Ibanez #210 | Soundgear #25 | Roadstar #16
    Carvin #18 | Darkglass #138