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    London, Ontario, Canada
    Current Setup:
    Dingwall ABZ-5. Honey Amberburst w/Maple fingerboard. Individual series/parallel pickup coil switches and Sklar pickup selector. Delivered Sept. 2013. 7lb 15oz.

    Guild Jumbo Junior acoustic bass guitar. Flame maple back and sides, solid spruce top, vintage tint. La Bella CB40 strings. Purchased October 2019.

    Live gear, silent stage:
    Line 6 HX Stomp
    iPad Pro 10.5" w/Onsong and Qmix
    CCA C10 ear buds, optional silver cable, foam inserts

    Live signal chain w/backline varies, can also include:
    Shure PGXD 900MHz digital wireless
    Ernie Ball 25K Jr volume pedal
    Turbo Tuner ST-200
    Diamond BCP-1 Bass Compressor
    FDeck HPF preamp
    Zoom G5n multi-FX
    TC Electronic clip-on tuner
    Radial JDI
    George L, Yorkville, home-made, and Planet Waves cables
    Gallien-Kreuger MB Fusion and MB200 heads
    AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112 AF cab w/tiltback foot
    Bose S1 battery/AC mini PA and personal monitor

    Other bass gear:
    TC Ditto Looper
    Flite 103W 3-way single-10 cab
    Eminence Alpha 10 in a small sealed wedge
    ART Tube MP
    Home-made tube preamp, modded Alembic F-1X circuit
    DBX 163 compressor
    Steinberg UR44 USB audio interface
    Apogee Jam USB audio interface
    iPad Air 2, iPhone 8 loaded w/Auria, Bias, Garage Band, etc.

    In Ear:
    Wired: Behringer 802 mini-mixer, SM57 for FOH and ambient sound, XLR gender-benders for wired backfeed through snake
    Wireless: Sennheiser 300 series transmitter and belt pack
    Shure 425se ear buds
    CCA C10 ear buds

    FrankenTele- Squire CV Thinline body and tuners, Gotoh cut ashtray bridge, Brenner piezo one saddle, Wylde micro coil pickups, Tusq nut, BGP roasted maple neck w/stainless frets, 4-way switch, custom pickguard
    Karol maple/sitka grand concert
    Line 6 HX Stomp
    Zoom G5n multi-FX
    Modded Marsh 5E3 tweed deluxe w/Weber 12A125-O
    Boss Katana 50 combo
    Tech 21 Fly Rig 5
    Barber LTD SR overdrive
    BadCat Siamese overdrive
    Behringer PB100 clean boost and EQ pedal
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Mosaic Church. Kathryn Marquis Band, The Response Initiative Band, Agape Fellowship and Well Arts Cafe house bands, Marcel Brissette trio, Forest City Destiny Church. Various venues in Southwestern and Eastern Ontario, Canada.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Bose L1 system
    Carver PM1.5 power amp
    Eden Nemesis ENX260 solid-state head
    1959 Fender tweed bassman
    Fender Rad Bass practice amps
    Fender Rumble 100 V3 combo- cab braced, lined and sealed.
    Furman PQ-3 preamp
    Gibson Les Paul 200w solid-state bass amp
    G-K MB800 head, MB110 combo
    Marshall Anniversary 300w sold-state head
    Roland 120-watt pushbutton head
    Sunn Coliseum head
    SWR Studio 220 head, Workingmans 10 combo
    Traynor Mono Bloc, Bloc 250, YBA-1 heads
    Yamaha PB1 preamp

    Acme Low B2 cab (series II)
    Ampeg PB210H Portabass cab
    Homemade Thiele cab w/EVM-15B and piezo tweeters
    Kroth TL606 cabs, EVM-15B and 15L
    Kroth TL806 cabs, used for bi-amp setup w/12L
    Kroth JBL sugar scoop bins, loaded with either JBL's, or EVM-15B's
    Peavey Scorpion single 15 cab

    Baldwin Vibroslim
    Carvin LB75F 5-string fretless
    Cort GB-75
    DeArmond Ashbory "rubber bass"
    Epiphone El Capitan 4-string ABG, Viola bass
    Fender '64 P-bass, 2002 American Deluxe P-bass 5-string, 2006 Fender American Vintage '62 P-bass
    Hagstrom Concord
    Harmony H-27
    Ibanez ATK 305, modded with dual ATK pickups and EMG active blend. 10lb 5oz
    Ibanez AVNB1E parlour acoustic bass guitar. La Bella CB40 strings. Purchased in 2018. 4.0lb

    Peavey Grind NTB 6-string
    Samick pointy-head 5-string
    Self-made 5-string singlecut neck-through, maple/bubinga/ebony, Passive with Dingwall FD3-5a pickups, volume/4-way rotary pickup selector/passive tone, Gotoh locking bridge and tuners, D'Addario nickel rounds. Completed in the spring of 1994. 9lb 11oz.
    Squier Deluxe Active Jazz 5-string, Vintage Modified Precision Bass V, VM fretless Jazz modded with threaded saddles, Dimarzio Area J's, CV 60's fretted P-bass neck.
    Fender MIM Jazz V, with Duncan QP pickups, Audere preamp. 10lb 5oz.
    NS Design NXT electric upright
    Squier Vintage Modified Precision V. Fender Am Std P5 and DiMarzio Area J pickups, Hipshot Kickass bridge and Ultralite tuners, back of neck smoothed and de-glossed, body thinned and lightened, finished with Tung Oil. 8lb 1.8oz.

    Pedals and Effects:
    Boss, Behringer Composer compressors
    Boss, Ibanez TS-808, T-Rex Mudhoney overdrives
    EH Big Muff, Fuzz Face fuzzes
    Empress ParaEQ
    Line 6 POD XT Live w/collector and bass packs
    MXR M87 Bass Compressor
    Morley Volume/Wah
    Roland Fuzz-Wah
    TC Electronics SCF, EH Deluxe Memory Man
    Planet Waves pedal tuner
    Yamaha NE-1 and Roland 10 band graphic EQ's
    Zoom MS-60B multi-effect pedal
    various small multi-effects (Digitech, Zoom, Roland, Yamaha)

    Traynor Guitarmate, silverface Fender Princeton Reverb and Pro Reverb, Peavey Classic 30, Roland Cube 60, Line 6 Flextone III and ext. cab, Crate V5, Vox AC4TV, Vox VT20+ combo
    Modded VHT Special 6 combo w/Celestion G10

    Shure SE425, Shure E3 and Klipsch, various KZ ear buds
    G.A.S. List:
    Influences and Teachers:
    Brian Bromberg
    Jack Bruce
    Alain Caron
    Rick Danko
    Roger Glover
    Prakash John
    John Paul Jones
    Greg Lake
    Tony Levin
    John Lodge
    Leo Lyons
    Michael Manring
    Monk Montgomery
    Jordan O'Connor
    Joe Osborne
    Tyran Porter
    Greg Reeves
    Aubrey C. Rolfe (my dad)
    Tommy Shannon
    Leland Sklar
    Chris Squire
    Ray Shulman
    Emmanuel Songsore
    Don Thompson
    Trip Wamsley
    Willie Weeks
    Hobbies and Interests:
    audio and recording technology, cycling, photography
    Serious electric bassist for 50-odd years. Barely competent hobby guitarist for a little longer than that.

    I started out as a guitar tech in our family business- my dad ran a teaching studio out of our house. He was a gifted musician, but couldn’t replace a machine head without having parts left over.

    After college, I got involved in FOH sound and field recording, a passion that stuck with me.

    I love to build, repair and mod audio gear, mostly tube. Went back to college for audio electronics in my late 20’s. I used to build my own cabs, until I discovered that other people were doing it much better. I’ve also built a couple of electric basses and guitars from scratch.


    Dingwall ABZ-5, Guild Jumbo Junior ABG, D'Angelico EX-Bass, Hofner Club Bass, Ibanez EHB1005SMS. Line 6 HX Stomp, Radial JDI. G-K MBFusion/MB200 heads, AudioKinesis TC112AF, Headrush FRFR-108, Bose S1 Pro.
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