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Feb 4, 2020
Mar 4, 2008
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Accokeek, MD

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Male, from Accokeek, MD

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Feb 4, 2020
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  • About

    Accokeek, MD
    Current Setup:
    Redwood USA Peavey Cirrus 6 w/Pope Flexcore preamp
    Dan Hui Jazz 6
    Bassmods 5 string Nordstrand and Bassmods electronics

    Custom Glasstone 212 "Lil G" (www.glasstonesound.com)

    Fender Rumble 25 practice amp
    2013 cMBP 2.7ghz i7, 16gb RAM, 128 solid state drive, Reason 7, Presonus Studio One II Professional, IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX and Amplitube software, bunch of other VST's and refills.
    Focusrite Scarlett and Apogee Duet 2
    Zoom h4n
    Blue Spark mic
    Shure studio mic (the cheap one lol!)
    Yamaha PSR-1100 or MoX 8
    Tannoy 501a active monitors
    Samsung Reveal 10 sub
    Favorite Genres:
    Gospel (traditional, urban, contemporary, country lol!!!)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Ibanez TR 4 string
    Squier MB-5 5-string bass
    Ibanez SR406 6-string basss
    Ibanez ATK305 sunburst/maple
    Ibanez BTB566 (6 string)
    Ibanez SR506 (mahogany/jatoba/bubinga)
    Olympic White Squier Active Jazz Deluxe V w/Bartolini pups and Aguilar OBP-3
    Olympic white Squier Active Jazz Deluxe V w/Sadowsky pups and pre w/VTC
    Sunbust Squier Active Jazz Deluxe V
    J.R. Beck 6
    Fernandes Gravity 5
    Bass Mods K6
    Agile custom 6 w/Aguilar preamp, Tesla pups
    Ashdown MAG 300
    Peavey Tour 7 00
    Peavey Tour 410
    Peavey Tour 115 w/Eminence 3015f driver
    Hartle VLX 410
    Hartke VX 410
    Eden D410XLT
    Wayne Jones 2x10 (Awesome cab, heavy as a mug!!)
    Rogue 50w bass amp
    Peavey Max 20w combo
    DigiTech BP50 effects processor
    DigiTech Bass Sqeeze compressor
    SansAmp Programmable Bass D.I.
    Acoustic Image Clarus 2r
    Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0 and 9.2
    Genz-Benz ShuttleMax 9.2
    G.A.S. List:
    Custom Brubaker KXB-6 (All maple, blue fade)
    Custom Ken Smith 6 string (Walnut&Maple)
    Mayones 6-string
    Influences and Teachers:
    Eld. Gary Watson Sr.
    Bishop Charles Smith
    Matthew Watson
    Bishop T. L. Lucky
    Maurice Fitzgerald
    Tony Russell
    Andrew Gouche
    David Dyson
    Adam Nitti
    Marcus Miller
    Wayman Tisdale
    Justin Raines
    Kenneth Diggs
    Marcus Miller
    Victor Wooten
    Morgan Turner
    Thaddeus Tribbett
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Jesus Christ, photography, drums, keyboard, fishing, traveling, eating good food, reading, computer technology!


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