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Jul 27, 2006
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Manassas, VA


Finally figuring out what I really like, Male, from Manassas, VA

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    Manassas, VA
    Current Setup:
    EBMM Sterling 5 H 2008 Limited Edition
    El Diablo Fretless Jazz (Warmoth body, Allparts lined fretless neck)
    Peavey "Stealth" Fury
    Peavey TL-Six 1st Gen (Eerie Dess)
    Peavey TL-Six 1st Gen (Honeyburst)
    Peavey TL-Six 1st Gen (Translucent Black)
    SX Ursa 2 MN 6 Ash (6-string Jazz)

    Ampeg B-15R
    Ampeg SVT Blackline ('72 - '75)
    Ampeg SVT 2 Pro
    Hotone Thunder Bass
    Ibanez Promethean 1x10 combo
    Peavey miniMega 1000
    Traynor YBA-3 Custom Special ('73)

    Ampeg B-15E
    Bergantino NV610
    Aguilar GS210, GS115
    Ampeg Heritage 810
    Favorite Genres:
    Blues, Rock, and Big Band
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    St Thom Cats
    Previously Owned Gear:
    EBMM 2000 StingRay 5 H
    Fender 1966 Precision
    Fender 2004 Am Std Precision
    Fender Geddy Lee Jazz
    Fender 1997 Am Std Precision (Allparts "Geddy" neck)
    G&L L-2000
    G&L L-2500 (w/Single Coil option)
    G&L SB-2 (w/Master & Tone)
    MPG Level 5 P/MM
    Peavey B-Quad 4 x 2
    Peavey B Quad 5
    Peavey Cirrus 5 (w/Millennium preamp)
    Peavey Cirrus 6 (w/Millennium preamp)
    Peavey G-Bass
    Peavey G-Bass (w/Millennium preamp)
    Peavey G-V (w/Millennium preamp)
    Peavey Millennium 4
    Peavey Millennium Plus 5 J/MM
    Peavey TL-Five 2nd Gen
    Sadowsky UV70-5 (aka the Geddy V)
    Schecter Stiletto Elite-4
    Schecter Stiletto Elite-5
    Yamaha BB415
    Yamaha TRB-5
    Yamaha TRB-6P

    Aguilar GS112, GS410
    Ampeg SVT VR
    Ampeg V-4 ('72 - 74)
    Peavey BAM210
    Peavey Pro410
    G.A.S. List:
    Finish my SX-based 6-string P/J project!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Barry Stephenson
    Terry Plumeri
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Motorcycle roadracing and riding, Scuba diving


    FS: Vintage matched Magnavox 7027A tubes (x6)

    "What you SHOULD do is turn the knobs until it sounds good." - BbbyBld

    - Stu
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