Jul 26, 2005
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August 20
Centennial, Colorado
Recording Studio Owner/Engineer/Producer


Basses R Loaded!, Male, from Centennial, Colorado

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    August 20
    Centennial, Colorado
    Recording Studio Owner/Engineer/Producer
    Current Setup:
    Dragonfly SJ-5 Titan 5/340 (MIJ), Trans Red, Buckeye Burl Top, HC PU's, Active 3 Band EQ w/Master Tone, Pau Ferro Board, Matching HS, Green FretFX LEDs

    Dragonfly CS-5 Titan 5/345 (MIJ), Natural, Flame Chestnut Top, HC PU's, Active 3 Band EQ w/Master Tone, Pau Ferro Board, Matching HS, Green FretFX LEDs

    Sadowsky RSD 5 String, Black Sparkle, P/J Barts, VTC Preamp, Maple Board

    Sadowsky RSD 5 String, White, J/J Delanos, Nordy Preamp, Pau Ferro Board

    Cort "Rithimic" 5, Burled Walnut, Passive Bartolini Soap Bars, Ebony Board

    Cort GB75 5 String, White, J/M EMG/Bart, Cort Active Preamp, Rosewood Board

    Ovation Acoustic/Electric 5, Natural Spruce Top, Ebony Board w/Wood Inlays, "Lyrachord" Bowl Shaped Back

    Custom Fleishman 5 String EUB, Quilt Maple Top, EMG Magnetic PU, RMC Piezo Bridge PU, Custom Fleishman 3 Band Active Preamp, Ebony Board

    Fender Precision Bass (MIJ), Vintage White, Tortoise Guard, Rosewood Board

    Yamaha BB-2000 (MIJ), Natural, P/J Pickups, Yamaha Active 3 Band EQ, Ebony Board w/Oval Pearl Inlays

    Mesa D-800 Amp Head
    Mesa D-800+ Amp Head
    DNA DNS 112 Cabinets (2)
    Eden WTX-260/112 Combo (3)
    Eden EX112 Cabinet (3)
    Acoustic Image Ten2 Combo

    Peterson Strobo Stomp HD (4)
    Tech 21 VT-Bass (3)
    TC Helicon Mini Spectracomp Compressor (3)
    Strymon Blue Sky Reverb/Delay
    Strymon Ole Chorus
    Sonnus Monophonic Midi Converter
    Roland GR-20 Midi Synth
    Favorite Genres:
    All of them..........
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Eddy Roswell, Close 'n Counter, Shelvis & The Roustabouts
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Alembic Custom Balance Point 5, Flame Maple
    Alembic Distillate 5 w/Side LEDs, Cocobolo
    LeFay Midas 5, Mulitcolor
    STR LS549 Blue Green Burled Maple
    STR LS549 Fretless 4 String, Burled Maple
    STR LS549 Fretless 5 String, Trans-White, Matching HS
    STR "Vintage" 5 String, Candy Apple Red
    Wilkins VRB5 JJ, Mango Top, Matching HS
    JCR Custom 5 String, Koa Top
    Tim Salas Custom Fretless 5, Walnut Body, Unlined Ebony Bd Matching HS
    Status Graphite CW Signature 5 String, Black Graphite SIMMS LEDs
    Nordstrand NX5, Burled Myrtle
    Nordstrand Unlined Fretless VJ5, Surf Green
    Pavel Jazz Pro Deluxe 5, Spalted Maple
    Fodera NYC Empire 5, Robin's Egg Blue
    MTD Custom Saratoga 5, Candy Orange
    MTD 535 , Burled Myrtle
    Mike Adler Custom 5, Trans-Black
    Brubaker Lexa 5, Lacewood
    Brubaker Lexa 6, Rootbeer Burst
    Brooklyn 5, Frost Gold
    Brooklyn 5, Daphne Blue
    Lodestone Primal Pro 5, Silver
    Kinal DK5 Unlined Fretless 5, , Sunburst
    Kinal SKB-5, Sienna Burst
    Xotic XB-6, Trans-Blue Burled Walnut
    Xotic XB-2-5, 64 Burst Burled Maple
    Xotic XJ-1T 5 String, Vintage White
    F Bass BN5 Fretless 5 String, Trans-Green
    Pedulla Pentabuzz, Trans-Rose
    Pedulla Pentabuzz, Cherryburst
    Pedulla Pentabuzz, Vintage Cherry Burst
    Pedulla MVP-5, Arctic Night
    Zeta Crossover 5 String EUB, Natural
    Ortega "Ken Taylor Signature" 5 String ABG
    Kallas Jazz Bass, Faded LPB
    Sadowsky Custom NYC 5, Candy Apple Orange
    Sadowsky Metro RV4, Blue/Teal
    Lakland 55-Dual J, Trans-White
    Lakland 55-94, Trans White
    Lakland 55-94, Seafoam Green
    Lakland 55-94, Trans-White
    Lakland 44-94, P-J, Shoreline Gold
    Lakland 55-02, Inca Silver
    Lakland Skyline DJ5, White
    Lakland Bob Glaub PJ, Lake Placid Blue
    Lakland DJ4 w/Lakland PU, Pearl White, Tort Guard
    Lakland Skyline JO5, Sunburst
    Lakland Skyline JO4, Sunburst
    Lakland DPLEI JO4, Sherwood Green
    Lakland Skyline 44-60 , Teal Green
    Rob Allen MB-2 Lined Fretless 5, Flame Maple
    Azola Nouveau AE Fretless 4, Natural Spruce
    Mike Lull Custom MV5, Honeyburst Finish, Gold Hipshot HW, Matching HS
    Brown Guitar Factory "Fretted/Less" 5 String, Trans-Orange
    Stambaugh Custom 5, Burled Maple, Built-In Roland Midi w/13 Pin Jack
    Stambaugh Unlined Fretless 5, Bubinga Body
    Stambaugh 4, Spalted Maple
    Stambaugh Custom Resonance 5, Basswood
    Status Eclipse 5, Cherry Burst, Red LED Markers,
    Status Graphite S2 5, Rosewood
    Status Graphite S2 4, Maple
    Status Graphite Stealth I, Woven Graphite Neck/Body
    Spector Euro 5, Spalted Maple
    Spector Euro LX 5, Black Cherry, w/SIMMS LEDs,
    Spector BOB 4, Flame Maple, Red Burst
    Yamaha BB-615 5 String, Pewter
    Yamaha BB-2000, Antique Burst
    Yamaha BB-5000A,Purple Pearl
    Yamaha BB-5000A, Cream White
    Yamaha BB-5000AF Unlined Fretless, Gun Metal Blue
    Yamaha TRB5P, Aqua
    Yamaha TRB4P Fretless, Trans-Orange
    Yamaha TRB5 II, Natural
    Yamaha Nathan East BBeast, Blue
    Yamaha BBN5A, Trans -Teal
    Yamaha BB-2005, White
    Yamaha TRB5P, Trans-Orange
    Yamaha BB-1200S, Trans-Burgundy
    Yamaha BB-1100S, Trans-Red
    Yamaha BB-800, Dark Brown
    Yamaha Pulser 400, Natural
    Yamaha BB-415, Orange
    Yamaha BB-2000F Unlined Fretless, Antique Burst
    Lightwave Saber 4 A w/HexFX Midi option, Black
    Yamaha CS Hollowbody Fretless 4, Sunburst
    Music Man Stingray 5, Pewter
    Music Man SR5 HS, Buttercream
    TBC Custom Lightwave Fretless 5, Spalted Maple
    Modulus Q5, Greenstone
    Modulus Q5, Burled Walnut
    Modulus Prototype 5 String
    Zon Sonus 5 Special, Bubinga
    Zon 5/2 w/Barts, Amber Tint
    Zon Legacy Elite 5, Koa
    ESP LTD Deluxe 5, Trans-Red
    Zeta Prism Unlined Fretless 4, Black
    Boulder Creek 5 String ABG, Koa Top
    Washburn AB-95 Large Hollow Body 5 String
    Washburn AB-90 Semi-Hollow Body 4 String
    Vox Mark 4, Sunburst
    Framus Star Bass Small Body, Red Burst
    Gibson EB2D, Sunburst
    Reverend Rumblefish 4, White
    Travis Bean T-2000, Natural
    Fender Custom Classic V, Sunburst
    American Fender Deluxe Precision Bass, Sunburst
    Fender Custom Shop Classic 5 String Jazz Bass, Vintage Cherryburst
    Fender P-Bass, Natural
    Fender CIJ 64 RI P-Bass, Surf Green
    Fender MIJ 57RI Precision Bass, Two Tone Burst
    Fender MIM Jazz Bass, Burgundy Mist
    Fender MIJ Jazz Bass, Arctic White
    Fender US Vintage '57 P-Bass, Two Tone Burst
    Fender MIJ JB62-FL Fretless Jazz Bass, White
    Fender CIJ 62 RI Jazz Bass, Fiesta Red
    Fender MIJ P-Bass, Fiesta Red
    Fender Squire ProTone 5 String P-Bass
    Fender Squire Deluxe Active V, White
    Fender MIA Deluxe Precision Bass, Three Tone Sunburst
    Fender MIA Jazz 5, Passive, Candy Apple Red
    Fender Roscoe Beck 4, Blue
    Fender P-Bass, Seafoam Green
    Fender Mustang Bass, Blue w/Racing Stripe
    Fender Squire Precision 5, Red w/Black Guard
    66 Fender Precision, Sunburst
    Hagstrom Coronado 4, Brown Burst
    Epiphone El Capitan Acoustic 5, Natural
    Washburn AB45 Acoustic, Natural
    G.A.S. List:
    Moog Taurus 1 Pedals & someone to carry all my gear!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Leland Sklar
    Jimmy Johnson
    Jaco Pastorius
    Stanley Clarke
    Paul McCartney
    Blake Eberhard
    Joe Osborn
    Victor Wooten
    Pino Pallidino
    Mark Egan
    Percy Heath
    John Entwistle
    Joe Puerta
    Dave LaRue
    George Hawkins Jr.
    Jimmy Haslip
    Hobbies and Interests:
    ProTools Recording, Producing & Engineering. Beekeeping & Sailing!
    My name is Spencer Pyne and I’m a devotee of all things low frequency. Most specifically the beauty, wonder, sound and thunder of the Bass Guitar.........

    I have had one in my hands for pretty much as long as I can remember and, with the notable exception of my wife and daughter, they are my most favorite things.

    I can be having a really rotten day but if I somehow manage to pick one up and slap, spank or pluck it, I always feel much, much better.

    I have played just about every kind of music there is and I developed an early appreciation for all them.

    As a young trombonist I played in orchestras, concert bands and jazz combos. As an acoustic guitar player I have been in folk and country groups. And as a bassist I have done everything from a three piece power rock trio to full blown seven piece contemporary country project.

    Music is a mystical and powerful thing that affects all of us in ways we probably don’t even realize. I’ve always known it was my muse.........


    "Comes and goes, Mon!
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