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    Hi TB, I hate to do this again as I bought this back for my new band, but it just does not fit in the mix like I want it to. Back to...

    BE3F9C00-240E-4ACD-96D6-51D66393A849.jpeg E1BDD4C0-6004-40BA-8057-795F05FB80B0.jpeg 881D8593-E08F-424C-AF6C-4057D754157A.jpeg C15CDA07-7656-4097-BE83-BECD1D6BCC25.jpeg 99028D98-E59D-4060-9757-25A94D6982E7.jpeg B5EDAFBF-AF38-46F2-BCB4-8991B604C495.jpeg B0A8A662-B4E3-431D-92D8-B923B0403529.jpeg 881DB2CD-4B10-4931-80B4-3E6CCC8D29AC.jpeg D1C3BB44-9C30-4914-BDAD-0298DDE13299.jpeg DF309190-920F-4872-B384-E4EFB9B171EE.jpeg Aug 13, 2022 at 12:33 AM
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    Hey all. I hate to do this since I just picked this up last week, but my main gigging rig just bit the dust and I need to replace it....

    04A2DACF-7E2D-4176-83B2-492CC4467764.jpeg FC071F39-E6FF-4E70-9008-81DD2022CF95.jpeg 1B1AD111-BBF9-463F-A379-927C375A7631.jpeg AB5179CA-F235-482A-85D0-F38040A6C618.jpeg 4C58615A-2B4E-48FB-9DD8-ACEDBDA7853A.jpeg 822E3722-BD03-470E-BE14-461056F796B5.jpeg 5DCCB32B-C877-4837-9ADC-5E9D1F0501A5.jpeg 8C87C878-A167-4523-89EE-C834D316A94A.jpeg 98426EFB-F58C-488D-9A17-EC9C21C77393.jpeg 0AAA6653-35F0-4BB3-A88B-69336D7BABE1.jpeg Aug 13, 2022 at 12:30 AM