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    Ibanez Introduces Two New BTB Singlecut Basses

    Bensalem, PA – New for 2023, Ibanez has introduced two new additions to its singlecut BTB lineup. The BTB865SC and BTB866SC combine the...

    BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_B.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_F.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_G.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_H.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_I.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_C.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_K.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_J.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_A.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_D.jpg BTB865SC_WKL_1P_02_E.jpg

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    Jan 23, 2023