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Dec 11, 2020
Aug 31, 2009
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Columbus, OH

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from Columbus, OH

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Dec 11, 2020
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  • About

    Columbus, OH
    Current Setup:
    '06 Warwick P-Nut II
    Squier James Johnston Jazz Bass
    SBMM Sub Ray4
    Acoustic B20

    PRS 408
    Gibson Les Paul Classic
    Eastman T486
    Gretsch G5420
    Fender Telecaster Standard
    Blackstar HT20R MKII
    Fender Mustang III
    Vox AC4tv
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Squier VM Cabronita Bass
    Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 '03
    Warwick Streamer LX Limited Edition 4 '08
    Warwick Thumb NT5 '05
    Warwick Streamer Stage I 5 '08
    Sadowsky MV5 PJ
    Warwick Streamer Stage II 4 '08
    Warwick Streamer LX 5 '11
    Lakland Skyline JO5/55-60
    Musicman Bongo 5HH
    Warwick Thumb 2007 LTD 'Flamin Blonde' 5
    Warwick Streamer Pro M 4
    Musicman Stingray 4H black/rosewood
    Ibanez ATK305
    Squier Precision 5 Special
    Warwick Streamer LX 4
    Sterling by Musicman Ray34 silverburst
    OLP MM3 black and maple
    Fender parts P bass
    Sterling by Musicman Ray35
    Warwick Thumb BO4
    Musicman Stingray 4H
    Warwick Corvette Standard 5 Bubinga
    G&L L-2500 Tribute
    Sterling by Musicman Ray34 (black)
    Spector ReBop DLX FM 5-string
    Warwick Corvette Standard 5 Ash
    Warwick Corvette $$ 5
    Warwick Corvetted Std 4 Bubinga
    Spector Legend Classic 5
    OLP MM2
    Rogue LX406
    Spector Performer DLX 4
    Dean Sledgehammer 4
    Fender Jazz MIM
    Squier Affinity Precision
    Ibanez SR400 (I think...?)
    GK MB115
    SWR LA20
    Hartke B10
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Cars, gadgets, work, motorcycles, sleeping, food


    2006 Warwick P-Nut II
    Squier James Johnston
    SBMM Sub Ray4
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