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    Southern California
    Current Setup:
    Basses: Ken Smith 5, Fender Am Dlx Jazz, King Bee P-bass, Carvin Anniversary 5 fretless, Bass Collection 5

    Amps/Preamps: Aguilar, Summit, Trace Elliot, Eleven Rack, Phil Jones Bass Buddy, Summit 2BA-221/TLA-50

    Cabs: Bergantino IP112 and HT112 cabs

    Strings: D'Adarrio XL, Ken Smith, Thomastik, Sadowsky strings
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Basses: Warwick Thumb 6, Modulus Genesis 5, Zon Sonus 5 fretless, Sadowsky RV5, Fender Am Dlx 5, and a few others I've forgotten or repressed

    Amps/Preamps: Ampeg B-15R, Trace Elliot AH600SMX, SWR SM900 & Super Redhead, Peavey MKIV, Eden WT800, Demeter HBP-1, ADA MB-1, Millennia TD-1

    Cabs: Trace Elliot 4x10 & 1x15, Peavey 4x10, Eden 4x10 XLT & 210 XLT, Bergantino HT322, SWR 2x10,
    G.A.S. List:
    MTD 534, Pavel Jazz Pro Deluxe 5, EBMM Stingray & Sterling, Hofner Club & Violin, Sadowsky Will Lee,