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    I have 2 Amazing basses up for sale or trade. I prefer to sell, but I’m willing to listen to offers for trades. 2 for 1 also. 4 string...

    C837F01A-43EA-435E-AC0E-8EA252203D63.jpeg BDF5B0FF-3B37-469F-A618-03E76D67254C.jpeg A9771562-A754-4804-A1A3-3ED89968F6BA.jpeg 13E176C9-3E64-465C-80FF-7C399B72225A.jpeg 61D6A2A8-6F91-47A5-80F0-D7B64DB35BEB.jpeg D7EB7FBC-C65E-4566-9317-5DB5699EB0FC.jpeg B0F62F1F-9008-49E7-8AEE-887120D1DC1E.jpeg C2705D21-8C99-40D6-AC0A-C02BDD7A4296.jpeg 8F152F81-5E12-4940-A328-F6E799B9E275.jpeg E2ED7D94-02E5-4809-9FEF-EC17F156ABB4.jpeg 39BE5E3A-AE26-4763-888A-2C4FAE22F038.jpeg 05CCE91D-251D-4BD6-8574-601CC90BF1C7.jpeg 81C059AD-65CA-4299-8725-96D3005CC2F2.jpeg 0987BCAE-7348-4E99-A5D0-F9A701728272.jpeg Oct 3, 2022 at 11:22 AM
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    Do you mind providing the scale length?

    Oct 1, 2022 at 10:00 PM