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Denver, CO
teacher of kids who can't read good

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Male, from Denver, CO

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    Denver, CO
    teacher of kids who can't read good
    Current Setup:
    bass collection 4
    dean eabc 5b
    eb/mm sr4 w/ john east pre
    gibson ripper (late 70s)
    fender mia precision (78)
    fender mia precision 5 w/ nordy bridge & fretless conversation
    fender mia tony franklin fretless precision
    fender mim precision w/ dimarzio model p
    fender mim precision special deluxe precision
    fender mim sting precision
    ibanez srsc806
    peavey t-40 (70s)
    shen willow sb-180 w/ david gage lifeline

    glasser german red-fleck braided carbon fiber bow
    glasser french fiberglass bow

    ampeg v4 (70’s, non-master)
    ampeg pf-50t
    darkglass alpha/omega 900
    darkglass microtubes 900
    mesa boogie bass 400+
    mesa boogie diesel 215 x2
    mesa boogie diesel 115 x2
    music man hd-130
    music man 212
    swr megoliath 810
    yamaha em-80

    moog matriarch
    moog subsequent 37
    novation bass station 2
    roland sp-404a
    roland tr-8s

    akai e2 headrest delay/looper
    bbe supa-charger
    boss bf-2 flanger
    boss dd-7
    boss oc-2 octave
    boss rc-5 loop station
    boss rv-3 digital reverb/delay
    darkglass microtubes x7
    darglass vintage deluxe v3
    fuzzrocious grey stache
    fuzzrocious ram the manparts
    fuzzrocious rat tail
    line 6 ex-1 expression pedal
    line 6 m9
    moog expression
    moog mf delay
    pigtronix octava micro
    saturnworks blender
    tc electronics polytune noir
    voodoo labs pedal power 2 plus
    walrus slo

    electron analog 4
    electron analog rytm
    electron digitone
    moog matriarch
    moog subsequent

    a few more things i'm forgetting...
    Favorite Genres:
    a bit of everything, not too much of anything.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Active- Suicide Cages, Gatling
    Inactive- Cult of the Lost Cause, Funeral Mask
    Previously Owned Gear:
    brazilwood german bow
    glasser fiberglass german bow
    eb/mm sr5 w/ fretless pau ferro board
    eb/mm sr5 w/ maple board
    fender mia deluxe j-bass 5 w/ rw board
    fender mia p-bass 5
    fender mij aerodyne
    fender mij jazz unlined fretless
    fender mim cabronita
    fender mim jazz w/ d'addario model j's
    fender mim jazz w/ fretless rw board
    fender mim p-bass w/ duncan steve harris p
    ibanez atk 805e bass
    kay model 89
    kay m-1 w/ an underwood pickup
    kiesel jb5 fretless
    lakland skyline 44-64
    ns wav4
    peavey t-40
    shen willow db200

    acme bass 2x10
    acme bass 4x10aguilar th500
    aguilar gs 112 (x3)
    alembic f-1x
    ampeg svt 15en
    ampeg svt 8x10 (70s)
    ampeg svt 8x10 (90s)
    ampeg svt classic
    ampeg v4 (70s, master w/ white rocker switches)
    ashdown little giant 1000
    carvin br 610
    ephiphone valve junior
    fender bassman 300 pro
    genzler magellan 800
    mesa 400 (non plus)
    musicman 65 112 combo
    qsc plx 3002
    qsc rmx 2450
    peavey 6505+ 112 combo
    peavey classic 120/120
    peavey micro bass
    schroeder 1212L
    schroeder 1515L
    sunn 300t
    swr workingman 4x10 (1st edition)
    swr sm400
    swr goliath jr iii (x2)
    yamaha 2x15b

    boss cab-3
    boss ds-1
    boss oc-2
    boss m2-2
    boss rv-3
    boss rv-6
    darkglass vintage deluxe v2
    dbx 166xl compressor
    ehx bass big muff
    ehx bass balls
    ehx memory boy deluxe
    ehx micro pog
    ehx russian big muff (black russian)
    ernie ball volume pedal
    guyatone md3
    hotpress bass press way/volume/expression
    line 6 expression pedal
    line 6 dl4
    line 6 hx effects
    line 6 m9
    line 6 m13
    line 6 verbzilla
    moogerfooger mf-101 lowpass filter
    moogerfooger mf-102 ring modulator
    no-name woolly mammoth circuit
    peterson vs-s strobostomp
    sansamp bass driver programable
    sansamp bass driver deluxe
    univox tape delay

    akai rhythm wolf
    akai timber wolf
    akai tomcat
    alesis micron
    bastl microgranny 2
    behringer poly d
    behringer model D
    dave smith mopho desktop
    korg minilogue
    korg ms-2000r
    korg electribe 2
    korg minilogue
    korg minilogue xd
    korg volca beats
    korg volca fm
    korg volca keys
    moog dfam
    moog minitaur
    moog mother 32 x2
    moog sub phatty
    nord lead 2
    sequential prophet rev 2
    realistic mg-1

    keith mcmillen 12-step

    some other stuff i'm forgetting
    Influences and Teachers:
    I steal from the best of 'em.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    dad life, lifting, ny jets, reading, film, teaching
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    CO Certified Teacher (currently teaching); 15 years of giving lessons; Over 20 years of playing
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