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Thornton Davis
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Mar 20, 2018 at 6:48 PM
Dec 11, 1999
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Thornton Davis

Male, from Toronto

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Viewing thread Identify my bass, Mar 20, 2018 at 6:48 PM
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    Current Setup:
    2017 - Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro - Ebony
    2012 - Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-5, 3TSSB with Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
    2007 - Hofner HCT500/1 (converted to all German parts)
    1973 - Rickenbacker 4001 Burgundyglo MD-1593
    1967 - Kent Model 833 Sunburst
    1967 - Kent Model 743 Sunburst

    Please be on the lookout for my 1973 Burgundyglo Rickenbacker 4001 Serial # MD-1582 Stolen Nov/06. PM me for photos of it and a detailed description.

    My AMP
    2013 Gallien-Kruger MB410-II Combo
    2013 Gallien-Kruger 410MBP Powered ext. cab
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I've owned well over 125+ basses throughout the past 5 decades as a bassplayer, too many to list. If you're looking for info on Hagstrom, Hofner, Hoyer, Klira, Rickenbacker, Vox, Eko, Kawai, Tele-Star, Raven, etc feel free to PM me for information.

    While in Germany during my last business trip I visited and toured the Hofner factory in Hagenau for a day. I also visited the site of the old factory in Bubenreuth. A visit that i'll never forget.
    G.A.S. List:
    I'll know when I see it!!
    Influences and Teachers:
    British Invasion bands (Beatles, Kinks, Animals, Zombies, Yardbirds, to mention only a few), 60's American bands (Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Doors, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Grass Roots, etc) Led Zepplin to Motown and everything in between.
    Self taught.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Power boating