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Jan 15, 2021 at 10:03 AM
Dec 19, 2004
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Jun 18, 1979 (Age: 41)
Omaha, NE, USA
Financial services

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Male, 41, from Omaha, NE, USA

Gold Supporting Member
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Jan 15, 2021 at 10:03 AM
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    Jun 18, 1979 (Age: 41)
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Financial services
    Current Setup:

    1. Drake Custom "Super P" w/ bridge humbucker
    -Natural, roasted basswood/roasted maple/mac ebony, Nordy pups, EMG 2-band preamp w/ tone control
    2. G&L M-2000
    -Natural, ash/maple/maple, stock pickups and preamp
    3. Warmoth/Drake Precision
    -Aged Olympic white, alder/roasted maple/rosewood, passive w/ Lindy Fralin 5% overwound pickup
    4. Ibanez Roadster RS820 fretless (1979?)
    -Black, ash(?)/maple/maple, stock pickups and electronics
    5. Drake Custom "Super J" (being built)
    -surf green, roasted basswood/roasted maple/pau ferro, Nordy J Blades and Nordy 3-band preamp

    Mesa/Boogie Subway D-180

    Barefaced Super Twin (2x12)
    Genz Benz Focus 115

    TC BG250-115
    Acoustic B20

    TC Electronic Polytune 2
    Beat Buddy Mini
    EHX Batallion
    EHX Mono Synth
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Bathtub Maria (rock/pop/blues)
    The Sub-Vectors (surf/garage rock)
    Previously Owned Gear:

    ACG Finn 4 (bubinga top) (JH)
    ACG Recurve 4
    Aria Pro II TSB650 (80)
    Carvin AC40 fls w/ koa top
    Carvin B5 5str
    Carvin flame maple/ash SB5001
    Carvin LB70 w/ EMG Jpickups
    Carvin LB76 fls
    CIJ Fender/Allparts fls fiesta red J
    Cyr/Squier custom (Wilkins finish, Dragonfire pups)
    Drake "Sklar" P/P (G&L pups)
    Drake / G&L fls P/P
    EBMM BFR Stingray w/ roast maple neck
    EBMM Bongo fls
    EBMM Gamechanger, black/maple
    EBMM Stingray HH (2013)
    EBMM Stingray Special HH
    Electra Phoenix P/P
    Electra X620 Outlaw (1978)
    Epiphone Jack Casady w/ Hipshot upgrades
    ESP body/Warmoth neck hybrid DiMarzio Model P/Js, Audere JZ3
    FBass BN4 (brownburst)
    FBass BN4 (trans charcoal)
    Fender 62 AVRI P
    Fender Am Std P black/tort/rosewood
    Fender Am Std P (3TB, alder/rosewood)
    Fender Blacktop J w/ maple neck
    Fender electron blue MIM/MIJ P
    Fender martini olive green Am Dlx J fls w/ polycoat board
    Fender Noel Redding fls (97) (Fralins/Warmoth epoxy board)
    Fender USA Dlx J DiMarzio Area J pups & Audere 2band pre
    Fender USA Dlx J ('03) DiMarzio pups & Audere JZ3D
    Fender Vintage Hot Rod 60s P, natural
    Fender/Allparts epoxy fls
    Fender/Squier fiesta Red P
    Fender/Warmoth P/J jade pearl
    Fernandes LEB J5
    G&L El Toro (86)
    G&L JB-2 w/ Nordys
    G&L L1500
    G&L L2K mid 90s, honeyburst x 2
    G&L L2K 97 (natl/RW)
    G&L M2K in Belair green
    G&L M2K in graphite metallic
    G&L SB1 emerald (92)
    G&L SB1 2 tone brst
    G&L SB2 (95)
    G&L Spanish copper L2K w/ Kwire
    Hohner fls PJ w/ EMGs
    Ibanez AEB5E ABG
    Ibanez Blazer (1982)
    Ibanez EXB405 (1st bass...double P)
    Ibanez EXB404 converted fls (91)
    Ibanez Roadstar II RB630 (84) x2
    Ibanez Roadstar II RB720 (83)
    Ibanez Roadstar II (84)
    Ibanez SDGR SR400
    Ibanez SRX400
    Ibanez SRX400 w/ custom Villex pup
    JB Player JBEAB3600 ABG
    Ken Smith Burner Deluxe 5str (95)
    Kramer Striker 700ST (85)
    Lakland 4401 fls
    Lakland 5594 Deluxe
    Lakland Hollowbody 30
    Lakland USA Bob Glaub P w/ Sadowsky pre
    Lulldowsky J
    Matsumoku P; 82 Vantage Avenger body/83 Electra Phoenix neck
    MIJ Fender 75 J RI (85)
    MIJ Fender Aerodyne w/ SD 1/4 lb pups
    MIJ Ibanez RS824 Roadster (81)
    MIJ Squier Silver Series J (94) w/ Warmoth fls neck
    MIJ unlined fls Fender J (89)
    MIK Squier II P (89)
    MIM Fender Std J (98)
    Modulus BassStar (86)
    Oscar Schmidt OEB3 w/ Dimarzio Will Power pup (90)
    Peavey Cirrus USA (flame maple/alder)
    Peavey Fury w/ PRetro (Super Ferrite)
    Peavey G-Bass fls conversion
    Peavey Millennium+ USA J/MM (x4; blue/BEM, purple/pau ferro, tiger/BEM proto, tiger/BEM)
    Peavey Millennium Std USA P/J (sunburst/pau ferro)
    Peavey Millennium+ 5 USA J/MM (x3; blue/BEM, tiger/pau ferro, purple/BEM)
    Peavey Millennium+ USA JJ x2 (margarita/pau ferro, blue/pau ferro later a fls)
    Platinum Series B.C. Rich Mockingbird
    Sage custom 5 Aero pups & Duncan STC3P
    Squier Affinity P (97)
    Squier CV/AtkinsonUSACG fiesta red P w/ Delano pup
    Squier/Warmoth Frankenbass
    Stambaugh myrtle/African mahogany custom Armstrong lipstick pups, Bart pre
    SX 75 LTD J relic
    SX/Moses/Aguilar/Rio Grande P/J Frankenbass
    TBC Single M 5str
    Tobias Renegade (99)
    Tobias Toby Pro 5
    USA Fender J Audere pre (78)
    USA Fender J Plus (92) w/ Lace Sensors x 2
    USA Fender Ltd Ed 50th Anniv. J (96)
    USACG / Warmoth custom fls J
    Warmoth fls J EMG JV active pups
    Warmoth Gecko w/ EMGs
    Warmoth J
    Warmoth/Squier Frankenbass
    Warmoth/Squier P
    Warrior Sig 4
    Warwick German Corvette $$
    Wilkins Road Tested P
    Wilkins/Warmoth w/ Nordy pups & Glock pre
    Xotic XP1T
    Yamaha ERB070 fls P
    Yamaha SB800S "SuperBass" (78)


    Markbass TA501 (500w @ 4 ohms, SS)
    Ashdown CTM15 (15w @ 4/8 ohms, tube head)
    TC Electronic BH500 (500w @ 4 ohms, SS)
    Warwick LWA1000 (1000w SS)
    Genz Benz Streamliner 900 (900w SS w/ tube pre)
    Eden WT800 (800w SS, tube pre)
    Eden World Traveler 1205 (1000w SS, tube pre)
    Early 80s Carvin PB300 (300w SS)
    Eden WT330 Time Traveler
    Ampeg SVT3 Pro
    Hartke 2000 200w Transient Attack


    Schroeder PL 112
    Barefaced Big Twin 2
    Schroeder 1210 Airhead
    Schroeder 21012
    Schroeder 1212
    Avatar 2x10 NEO
    Avatar 1x12 NEO
    2 Aguilar GS112s
    Ampeg BSE410H
    SWR Big Ben 1x18
    Alumapro 2x10


    Epifani Epifunky 115C
    Fender Rumble 500 v3 w/ 210 ext
    Behringer BXL 1800 (180 watts @ 4 ohms)
    Markbass 121 Lite Alain Caron (500w)
    Genz Benz Contour CTR500 115T (300w)
    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Bass (5w)
    Vox Rhythm/Desktop Amp for Bass (1 watt!)
    Phil Jones BG100 Bass Cub 2x5 (100w)
    Gallien Krueger MB212II Ultralight 2x12 (500w)
    Hughes & Kettner Quantum 421 2x10 (400w)
    Gallien Krueger MB115 Ultralite 1x15 (200w)
    Ampeg BA108
    Fender Rumble 150
    Yorkville Bassmaster XM 50
    Peavey 158 15w
    Ampeg B100R RocketBass
    Ampeg BA112
    Fender BXR 100


    Tech 21 Red Ripper
    Tech 21 VT bass preamp
    BeatBuddy drum pedal
    Boss TU tuners
    Darkglass Vintage Dlx Ltd Ed pre
    Darkglass V7K B2
    Xotic BB Bass Preamp
    EHX Steel Leather
    EHX Bass Microsynth
    Frantone LoTone Classic Fuzz
    Fulltone Mosfet BassDrive
    Aguilar TLC Compressor
    BBE Sonic Stomp
    76 Wurlitzer Omni 3500 organ
    88 Roland D20 synth
    Ibanez PD7 PhatHed bass OD
    HAO Rust Ride OD
    Boss GEB7 Bass EQ
    G.A.S. List:
    EBMM Stingray Special HH. EBMM Cutlass bass. Hagstrom "Northern" Super Swede J bass. Maybe an all-tube bass head. Pretty much anything G&L or Fender, especially 60s-70s Fender basses... or anything unique that piques my interest.
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, Jaco Pastorius, Alonza Bevan, Stuart Chatwood, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Jeff Ament, Guy Berryman, Mel Schacher, Leland Sklar, Flea, Steve Lack, James David, Robert DeLeo, James Jamerson, Fran Sheehan, Billy Cox, Tim Commerford, Les Claypool, Paz Lenchantin, Justin Chancellor, Gary Thain, Chris Serafini, Pierre de Reeder, Joie Callio, Davey Faragher, Nate Query, Dougie Thomson, Jason Falkner, Juan Alderete, Guy Pratt
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Live music, books, movies, TV, video games, travel, food, whisky, beer, wine, sleep


    Nothing! (For a minute or two...)

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