Mar 22, 2006
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    Current Setup:
    Fender '04 Hwy 1 Jazz (3TSB)
    Squier '10 VM 70's Jazz (Black/Maple)
    One of a kind Fender/Squier Parts Jazz
    Peavey Mynx 110 combo's (90's)(2)
    '10 GK MB200 (China)
    '12 GK MB200 (USA)
    Ampeg SVT-210AV's (2) (Again)

    Lots of projects in pieces ...

    As of Dec 31, 2019 I am COMPLETELY RETIRED from playing out ... 48 years was enough ... ;)
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    TREAD (50's/60's music), Gravel Roads (original Inspirational Country w/covers), well over 200 services with various Worship Teams ...
    Previously Owned Gear:
    in the 60's-70's ...
    Sunn Colliseum Bass Amp
    w/2 Vega 18's
    Sunn Concert Bass Amp
    w/115 Gauss Folded Horn Cab
    '66 Fender Jazz (bound/dots/oval machines)
    several early-mid 70's P and J's
    several early Bassman heads & Cabs

    more recently :

    Crest Pro-Lite 2.0
    '04 GK 700RB-II
    Peavey Basic 112 combo ('97)
    Fender '03 Hwy 1 Jazz (3TSB)
    Fender '05 Hwy 1 Jazz (Honey Blond)
    Ampeg PF-350
    '12 GK 400RB-IV
    Fender '01 Classic 60's Jazz/Reggie Neck(3TSB)
    Crest Pro-Lite 3.0
    GK Neo 112II
    '11 GK MB500
    Squier '08 Classic Vibe P's
    Fender '10 MIM Jazz FSR (Ash) ('11 MIM Stand. Jazz neck)
    Aguilar TH350
    '93 & '94 GK 800RB's
    Hartke 210XL's (3)
    Fender '11 MIM Standard Jazz (3TSB)
    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX
    Squier '13 VM 77 Jazz (Amber/Maple)
    Fender '08 MIM Standard Jazz (3TSB)
    Fender '07 Hwy ONE Jazz FSR (Trans White Blonde)
    Fender '11 Fender Road Worn Jazz (3TSB)
    Bag End S15-D's (2)
    Fender '05 Classic 60's Jazz (3TSB)
    Squier VM Jazz's (several)
    Fender '08 Classic 70's Jazz (3TSB)
    '97 GK 400RB
    '96 GK 400RB
    '90 GK 400RB
    '89 GK 400RB
    '86 GK 400RB
    several other 400RB's that never stayed long enough to date
    Ampeg SVT-210AV's (3)
    Hartke HA2000
    Ampeg SVT-410HE Cab
    Hartke HA-1400 Head
    '98 Fender Standard P Bass
    '83 Squier Bullet Bass
    '90ish Squier Korean P Bass
    '00 Ampeg B50-R Rocket
    Bassman 25 combo
    2010 Fender Hwy One Jazz
    2006 Fender Hwy One P
    2006 Fender Hwy One Jazz
    Fender '04 Classic Series 60's Jazz
    Fender BG-29 ABG
    Squier CV 60's Jazz Bass's
    Squier VM Fretless Jazz's
    Carvin B800
    Squier Standard J's (a dozen or more)
    Squier Standard P-Bass Specials (several)
    Avatar SB112 Delta cab
    Avatar B210 Delta cabs (2)
    Avatar B210 Neo cab
    '96 Fender Am Stand 3TSB Jazz (50th Anniv)
    Yamaha BBT500H (2)
    '01 Fender Am Series Nat Ash/Maple Jazz
    '03,04,05 Fender Hwy 1 P's
    Fender Sting MIJ Artist Series Precision (2)
    Fender MIJ 51 RI P Bass (2TSB)
    Yamaha BBT110s Cabs (4)
    '03,04,05 Fender Hwy 1 Jazz's
    '04,06 Fender FSR Nat Ash P bass
    '04 Fender FSR Nat Ash Jazz
    Ashdown Mag 300H
    GK Backline 250 w/115 Cab (Brat Pack)
    Epiphone (early) EBO bass
    Early Peavey Milestone
    G.A.S. List:
    More talent and a better musical ear .... But I would settle for my lost hearing back ...
    Influences and Teachers:
    after 30+ year lay off from playing in public ... I am influenced, if not inspired by everything ...
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Animal Rescue, Acting/Theater, Dirt Track Auto Racing ...
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    47+ years practical experience to share with beginner to intermediate level students
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