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Smyrna, Tennessee.


from Smyrna, Tennessee.

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    Smyrna, Tennessee.
    Current Setup:
    Exclusively Fender! Have a wide variety of acoustic and electric 6 string guitars, but currently 4 Fender 4 string basses, all Ensenada, Mexico built. My first experience with Mexican built Fenders (all my Fender guitars are American or Custom Shop) and two of these are factory original and the other two modded and they all play and sound terrific. The quality and playability of these equal any US built or even boutique builds I have played.s

    2001 Fretless Jazz Black/Rosewood board/3 ply black guard. J-Retro pre amp, Di Marzio J pickups, Black Badass II bridge, black nylon flats. Black Dunlop strap locks.

    2006 Classic 50s Precision. Fretted. Black/Maple board. Gold anodized pickguard. Box stock. D'Addario flats.

    2007 Fretless Jazz. Black/Rosewood board. White 3 ply guard (stock). SCN pickups, Stew Mac pots and wiring, push pull phase switch, chrome Badass III bridge, stainless flats. Dunlop chrome strap locks.

    2008 Deluxe Jazz Fretted. Black/Rosewood board, red tort pickguard. Noiseless pickups, stock active pre amp. Box stock. Fender rounds.

    Sole bass amp is Mark Bass Jeff Berlin Signature Amp.
    Favorite Genres:
    Both kinds of music. Rock and Roll! Also Blues, esp. Chicago postwar electric, Chess Records stuff, Jazz, power pop
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Strictly a hobbyist musician. Play mostly to Cds and a couple of buddys with comparable skill level for fun.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Got first guitar for Christmas 1969. ( I was 9 years old )A red single pickup Supro and matching amp that I wish I still had. Followed this with a Kay 5 string banjo the next year (long gone as well). Got back into playing and collecting in the eighties and have aquired 34 various 6 strings: Everything from an original 1 owner 1955 Les Paul Jr. (wiith matching amp!) to various custom shop Teles and Strats, lap steels, resonators, Gretsch semi acoustic hollowbody electrics, SGs, Firebirds, Flying V, Les Pauls with and without Bigsbys, etc. You name it. Fender guitar amps in all sizes from Champs and Broncos to Blues De Ville with 4 10s. Original Vox Pacemaker my buddy got new in 1966.(Sweet gift-thanks Jay). Pedalboard with classic analog pedals.
    G.A.S. List:
    Don't need but want a New York 151 Extension Cab for my bass rig.(with the tweeter turned down! Hoping they would release a tweeterless version).Love everything about my Berlin, but want to be able to release all 500 watts if i desire.

    Fender Custom Shop or Guitar Mill or Atkinson or...
    Matching P and J fretted 4 bangers in white blonde over ash with Joe Barden Pickups. These to go with my CS Barden powered Tele and Strat.(white blondes over swamp ash)

    Also white blonde Jaquar and Jazzmaster (6 strings) to round out the family.

    Missed a 1977 Fretless P, Black/Unlined Maple at The Low End due to my economics at the moment.

    Obviously would like to have a pre CBS P and J if I win the lottery.

    Don't have any Rickenbackers either. 4, 6, and 12 stringers would be welcomed. German Warwicks especially double buck Corvette fretted and fretless welcomed as well.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Like Stravinsky said there's only two kinds of music; good and bad, I feel the same way. Try to be open minded and listen to a wide variety but obviously have favorites.

    Some of my favorite bassists are well known-Tony Levin, Mc Cartney, Chris Squire, Jaco, Stanley Clarke, Bill Wyman, Duck Dunn, Berry Oakley, James Jamerson, Bob Babbett, etc. and some lesser known...
    Jan Zukowski, Johnny Castle, Mike Mesaros, Michael Rhodes, Joey Spampinato, Keith Richards(played more bass than people realize on the records), Tony Garnier, Willie Dixon, Nick Lowe, Tommy Stinson, Ken Stringfellow, etc.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Record/CD collecting, reading, movies, my beautiful wife and 3 year old daughter.