Aug 24, 2007
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Male, from Vermont

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    Current Setup:
    '08? G&L L-1500
    '89 G&L SB-2, 3T w/maple
    '71 LPB Jazz w/Moon Blackbird preamp
    '61 Precision bass, stock, w/fiesta red pro refin.
    '63 jazz bass, 3T, all original, very worn
    Warmoth/Florence frankenfretless jazz w/Bart pre, LP's
    '80 G&L L1000
    '98 Moon JB5 Burgundy Mist 5-string
    Steinberger Spirit 5 strg
    Gibson '68 EB-2, near mint
    Hagstrom Viking reissue
    Danelectro Hodad, 3-pickup
    Danelectro Dolphin '63 Silvertone

    Eminence EUB, #14
    1930's era Mittenwald carved upright

    GK MB Fusion 500
    Eden WT-400
    2 X Aguilar DB 112's,
    '76 Ampeg V4B + 4X12 V4 cab,
    Dave Hall Mark III OD pedal
    Roland Bass Cube 30

    Carvin 1200 powered head
    QSC PLX 1804
    QSC GX 5

    2 WMV 406 PA speakers
    2-JBL EON passives
    2 Carvin 15" monitors
    JBL JBL 118 sub
    Favorite Genres:
    Blues, Americana, Pop, Singer-songwriter combos of the foregoing
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Fast Eddie, Budda Band, Bob Stannard Blues Band, Joe Moore Band, Left Eye Jump, Conqueror Root, Small Change, Mark Legrand, Tim Brick, Jeff Salisbury and whoever else calls.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Let's see:

    Kent '60's P-like thing
    Vox "Panther" bass
    Vox Bill Wyman teardrop bass
    '64 Fender Jazz 3T SB
    '62 Fender Precision Oly White
    '64 Black / white Jazz
    '68 Fender Coronado
    '70 Conrad fretless J-copy
    Carvin 6-string
    Carvin fretless 4
    G&L '07 SB-2,
    '91 Modulus M91 5 strg.
    G&L '87 L-2000 "Hog"
    Hamer '96 Cruise bass w/2-Tek
    Moon JB-4
    G&L '98 L-2500 3T SB
    '95 Fender Jazz 5-strg.
    '72 Rick 4003
    Sting Ray 5
    Jerry Jones 6-string tic-tac bass
    '98 Am. Std. Precision
    late '90's Yamaha BBN5A in dark teal w/gold hdwre
    '73 Gibson EB-3
    '01 G&L JB-2, NAMM show intro model, trans. white ash, mint

    No-name 40 watt w/Jensen 15 (Chicago model)
    Standel "stack" 75? watts, 2X15 in 2 boxes, '67 Blackface Fender, earliest solid state Bassman head disaster, V4B folded horn cab monster, Acoustic 220 head w/402 2x15 Altec-Lansing? cab, Acoustic 140 head, Kern IP-77 preamp, Demeter VPB2 pre, Read Custom Purity Pre, Eden VT-25, Eden VT-40,EA CXL112E, GK400RB, GK 800 RB, Ampeg 350 SVT, Ampeg SVT-3, ART stereo tube compressor, '80's era TOA 3-way cabs rebuilt w/Eminence neos, too many other cabs to even remember them all, and a s**t-ton of power amps have come and gone.
    G.A.S. List:
    Another 20 years of gigging! I think I already have all the bass gear anyone could need or want. Wanna buy some?
    Influences and Teachers:
    Many, many... let's see: Cassidy, McCartney, Jamerson of course, Rick Danko (especially), Harvey Brooks, Jack Bruce, Osborne & Kay, Shorty Gilbert, Andrew McMahon, Alex Sklareskis, Bob Moore, Milt Hinton, Junior Huskey, and many, many more.


    Bass since '65