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October 8
Carolina Beach, NC


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    October 8
    Carolina Beach, NC
    Current Setup:
    Fodera Yin Yang Standard #49
    Fodera Emperor Standard 5 #86
    Fodera Emperor Standard 5 Special

    I have a Red Jan-Al Custom Shock Case that will hold 3 Basses, 3 Guitars, and 2 Keyboards or any combination thereof that I keep all the instruments in while traveling in the truck or a plane.

    4 Space Rack:
    Furman PL PLUS
    X2 Wireless
    Peterson VS-R Stroborack Tuner
    Neve 8801 Channel

    Feeding a TC Electronic RH450!!!


    Other Bass Stuff:
    Avalon U5
    Various Radial DI's
    Universal Audio 6176
    Universal Audio LA610
    Sennheiser IEM300 In Ear System with Future Sonics Atrio buds and Future Sonics Custom Molds

    Fender Sunburst American Fat Strat
    Gibson Custom Shop ES-335
    Gibson 57' Les Paul Custom
    Line 6 Gold Variax 700
    Line 6 POD XT Live (Guitar version) Loaded with all amp/cab packs including Bass amps/cabs
    Line 6 POD X3 (2 of these)

    Guitar Amp 1:
    65 Amps "London" 18 Watt Head
    65 Amps 2X12 Cab

    Both are mounted in a Red Custom Jan-Al Shock Case that also has a 6 space Rack in the top of the case that contains:
    Furman PL PLUS Power Distro
    X2 XDR95 Digital Wireless Rackmount and 2 Beltpacks
    Peterson VS-R Stroborack Tuner
    Blank Panel
    Rocktron Prophesy II

    This amp is fed from the Prophesy II and I can run both channels of this amp at once or in any combination with each other or with the Monterey or the Atomic 112-50!! VERY COOL!!! AWESOME Rig that I supply one of my guitar players.

    Guitar Amp 2:
    65 Amps 22 Watt "Monterey" (mine actually says Memphis!!)
    65 Amps 212 Cab

    Both are mounted in a Red Jan-Al shock case with a 6 Space Rack on top that contains:
    3 Space Rack Drawer
    3 Space Rack Drawer
    This amp can be fed from a Line 6 X3 Live and I can run as many as 4 amp channels from the 65 Amps rigs at once or in any combination with each other. The really cool thing is my guitarist uses this with a Variax for a LOT of flexibility and the ability to play almost any combination of guitar and amp/cab....AWESOME Rig that I provide my other guitar player!!

    Guitar Amp 3:
    Atomic 112-50 Mounted in a Red Custom Jan-Al Shock Case

    This amp is usually fed from a Line 6 X3 Live....AWESOME Rig that I typically use only in the studio now.

    Record Rack:
    Red Custom Jan-Al 24 Space Shock Rack
    Monster 3500 Power Distro
    2 API 500 Series 10 Slot API Racks containing
    A. 8 API 512C Mic Pres
    B. 3 550A EQ Modules
    C. 3 550B EQ modules
    D. 2 560 EQ Modules
    E. 4 525 Compressor Modules
    1 Neve 8801 Channel Strip
    2 SSL XLOGIC Channel Strips
    2 Vintech 473 Neve 1073 Clone 4 channel pres
    2 Apogee AD16X
    1 Apogee DA16X
    1 Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
    5 Space Custom Jan-Al Microphone Drawer
    Apple 17'" Macbook Pro to run it all through an Apogee Symphony System using Logic Pro

    PA Stuff:
    NEXO 10 Box Alpha System
    NEXO PS15 monitors
    Crown VLZ5002 Amps with an integrated Distro
    Yamaha LS9-32 in a Red Custom Jan-Al Shock case
    Mics from Audix to Sennheiser
    Set of DW Custom Broken Glass Champagne Glitter Drums
    Zildjian A and K Cymbals/K Mastersound Dark Hats
    Roland RD700 GX
    Yamaha MOTIF XS6

    BUT...I lost most of my gear in a fire! It has taken me awhile to piece this stuff back together...
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    I'll play anything with anyone who wants to play!
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Everything - Alembic TO ZON, 4 strings and 5 strings, etc, Ampeg, API, Avalon, Demeter, Eden, GK, Hartke, Kustom, Line 6, Neve, SSL, SWR, Trace Elliot,.........the list is seemingly endless....Lost nearly all of it in a fire...

    Lost in a fire last year:
    My whole Pro Tools Rig,Warwick Thumb 5 NT, Warwick Streamer Stage I Custom 5, Real Vintage 62 and 67 Fender Jazz Basses, 73' Fender P, '82 Stingray, Live Rig - Custom Anvil Shock Case, Furman PL-8 Plus, Rack Tuner, Thunderfunk TFB-550, Demeter Tube DI, 3 Avalon U5's, 72' SVT, '73 SVT 8X10, numerous other amps and cabs, Meyer Stage Wedge and an IEM system consisting of a Shure 600 Wireless rig running into Shure E5's and Custom Sensaphonics molds, So much other stuff that it makes me sick to the stomach to keep on adding to this list!!
    G.A.S. List:
    Everything! MORE Music Man, Fodera, and Sadowsky basses!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Everybody has something they can share with the rest of us......
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Hanging out with with my 13 year old daughter and spending quality time with the love of my life!



    RIP Adrian Garcia
    RIP Tom Dowd
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