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Apr 9, 2011
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Home Page:
Yellow Springs, OH & Newport, Ky
Higher Ed Administrator

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    Home Page:
    Yellow Springs, OH & Newport, Ky
    Higher Ed Administrator
    Current Setup:
    I'm now fully committed to a unique rig for each band/scene, because it's...

    1. fun to learn different gear
    2. a good use of GAS
    3. convenient (less hauling)
    4. helping me play differently in each band; expand & grow stylistically

    =: Country Band :=

    Englehardt EM1 Maestro w/ Helicores & Cinci Bass Cellar adjustable bridge
    Realist Lifeline + K&K Golden Bullet (Realist Copper left installed as a b/u)
    K&K Trinity > Broughton Audio Always On High Pass Filter
    Warwick LWA 1000 > Phil Jones C8

    =: Jam / Improvisation Band :=

    Ibby AGB205 5-string hollow-body electric
    Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe

    and then, tri-amped, as follows :

    Center Dry signal > bridged channels 1&2 of a poweramp > Hartke VX410 (likely to be replaced with a 2x10 or 1x15 or 1x18)

    Zoom B3, w. L|R stereo fx sends, each going to dedicated channel 3|4 of power amp > 1 of 2 Eden Ex112-8s.

    May employ my DOD SR835 x-over; this is rig is still evolving, but so far I'm not hearing a need

    =: Psychedelic Rock Band :=

    trusty backup Behringer BX4500H*
    2x Hartke HyDrive 4x10s .

    *Amp used to be a Hartke LH1000 but it died.
    *Future: a nice little tube amp. Until then, the Behringer delivers embarrassingly well

    =: Living Room Noodling / Grab 'n' Go Acoustic Jam :=

    Michael Kelly Firefly ABG w/ D'Addario EXPPBB170 Coated Phosphor Bronze
    Acoustic 260mkII 1x10 mini-stack.

    =: Bedroom Noodling & Battery/Hiking :=

    Kala Rumbler U-Bass w/ rubber worms from outer space
    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX.

    =: Mom's House Noodling / Songwriting while Visiting/Caregiving: =

    Early 80s? Epiphone P-style 4-string with unknown old flatwounds
    Dean Markley practice amp

    =: Recording Rig : =

    Roland Studio-capture, via
    Audix and SM57s and others for Guitar & Drums

    =: On Deck to be Sold to Guitar Center :=

    Squier Jaguar 5 string, love the tone, not the ergonomics

    Rogue LX405
    Rogue LX200BF
    Behringer BX3000T
    Washburn Rover Travel Guitar
    Peavey Tour TNT 115
    BBE Sonic Maximizer
    Behringer Ultramizer
    Fender Sublime fuzz
    Boss CEB-3 chorus
    Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone phaser
    BBE Tremor tremolo
    Digitech RV-7 reverb
    MXR M82 envelope
    Ashdown Bass-O-Meter tuner
    TC Helicon VoiceTone C1 pitch correction
    Gator GPT Pro
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    all trios...

    Country Provisions (12/2016 - )
    honoring the weirdness and pathos of country music

    Jacoby Rowed (12/2015 - )
    small-amp jam improvisation with some grasstones

    Stank Creek (7/2015 - 1 1/2016)
    slide-blues-rock vocal-driven trio

    Kings Liniment (4/2014 - 6/2015)
    small amp jam trio + vocalist.

    Ointment (9/2008 - )
    big-amp psychedelic rock
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Peavey 1820. Hartke LH1000. Hartke VX115.
    G.A.S. List:
    Alembic Omega. Small tube head tbd, maybe an Orange or a Mesa.


    Hartke Club #328; Mediocre Bassist Club #895; Ohio Bassist Club #244;
    Phil Lesh Appreciation Society #13; Country Bassist Club #142; Short Scale Bass Club #535