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October 3
Kansas City
Cyber Security Consultant

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Male, from Kansas City

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Looking for a maple cirrus 5 Nov 17, 2021

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    1. waltwpowell
      Looking for a maple cirrus 5
    2. waltwpowell
      Looking for a Korg Ax3000b
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    3. waltwpowell
      Looking for a Fiver
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    October 3
    Kansas City
    Cyber Security Consultant
    Current Setup:
    2020 Colibri MCDC 5 string
    2001 Peavey Cirrus Maple
    1976 Fender Jazz Bass
    1983 Fender Avri Precision
    1994 MM Stingray
    2016 Rickenbacker 4003
    Sterling Ray34 Fretless
    Hofner Club Ignition
    Fender Precision Relic'd Sting 54 reissue
    Kala Sub
    Kemper Profiler Stage
    Bergantino IP112
    Bergantin HT112
    Voodoo Labs Dingbat Pedal Board
    Future Impact Synth
    Cali76 CB
    Shure GXLD16 wireless
    Favorite Genres:
    Punk, Funk and Reggae
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Interstate Run
    Turn of the Century
    Fighting Smokey Joe
    The Prolific
    Pink Delorean
    Attack on Uranus
    The KB(Posse)
    Bent Image
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2008 Peavey Cirrus Redwood 5 string
    2006 Peavey Cirrus Bubinga 5 string
    2018 Guild Starfire Newark St
    1998 Peavey Cirrus Bubinga
    2019 Ibanez SRSC805 with Aguliar PUs
    2019 Ibanez BTB 1905
    2017 Ibanez SR1405 TE Premium
    2015 Gibson Thunderbird
    2019 Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro
    Fender Reggie Hamilton w/ Am Std Jazz Neck
    2012 Fender Modern Player Tele Bass
    08 Fender Amer Std Jazz 4 w/ Nordstrand NJ4SV
    Spector Rebop DLX5 FM (bought &sold it twice)
    08 Fender Amer Std Jazz V
    Warwick Corvette $$
    MM USA Sterling 4
    MM Stingray SUB 4
    MM Stingray 5
    MM Bongo 4HH
    90's Ibanez SR500
    Washburn Force ABT
    Ibanez SR400 w/ Vari-mid & SD quarter pounders
    Peavey Foundation USA
    Vantage P-bass
    MarkBass 210 CMD102
    Genz Benz GBE 1200
    Eden WT800
    GK 1000rb
    Ampeg Svt3pro
    Ampeg SVT350T 2x10 combo
    Ampeg V4-B
    Trace Elliot GP7
    Sans Amp RBI w/ QSC Power Amp
    BBE Bmaxx-T
    EBS Microbass 2
    Orange AD200 Head
    Sunn Concert Bass Head
    Peavey Mark IV Head

    Ampeg 810e
    Sunn 215B Cabinet
    Ampeg 410hlf
    Hartke 4.5 XL Cab
    Avatar 212 Neo Cab

    Sadowski DI
    Masa Subway DI
    Hartke VXL Bass Attack Preamp DI
    Aguilar Tone Hammer DI
    EBS MicroBass II
    MXR M80 Bass DI +
    Eden WTDI
    SVT Tube DI
    Nordstrand Starlifter
    Jule Monique
    Jule Simone
    Broughton SSDI
    Broughton P15
    Broughton Archetype
    Broughton ETDI
    Jocuoi J-B15
    Trickfish Trilobite
    Trickfish Minnow
    Arkham Oracle
    Orange Bass Butler
    Darkglass VMT
    Sushi Box Particle Accelerator X
    Shift Line Olympic MkIIIS
    Rupert Neve RNDI
    Tech 21 VT Bass
    Sansamp BDDI

    Zoom B3
    Korg AX3000b
    Tech 21 VT Bass
    Symetrix 501 Compressor w/ Valley VCA
    Mutron iii
    Big Muff
    Bass Balls
    Boss SYB-Synth
    Korg AX5b
    Boss GEB-7 EQ
    BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer
    Guyatone Bottom Blaster
    Broughton SVPre
    Broughton Fliptop
    Broughton Studio Boost
    Wren & Cuff Phat Phuk B
    G.A.S. List:
    Peavey Cirrus Maple 5 String
    Broughton Studio One
    Broughton Quicksilver
    Broughton Helion
    Broughton Sunray (Yeah, Right)
    Spaceman mercury iii (IDC about rare colors, I'm just gonna flip it)
    Demeter VTBP-201 with Jensen
    Alembic F-1X
    Alembic F2B
    Kern IP-777
    Eclair Evil Twin
    Tonecraft 363
    UA 610
    Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal (not the giant head)
    Useful Arts BF-S
    Ken Smith P.A.P.A
    Ashdown OriginAL Valve Pre DI
    GK Plex
    Hudson Broadcast
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