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    Home Page:
    Berkeley, CA
    Current Setup:
    Pedulla Rapture J-2000-5
    Pedulla Rapture 4 RB-SB
    New Standard Cleveland DB with K&K BassMax, and Revolution Solo pickups
    F-Bass BN5
    Schecter Hellcat VI Baritone
    1907 Schumann Console Grand Piano
    Alesis Ion synthesizer
    Casio MT-65

    Eden WT-400
    EA iAmp 800
    EA Wizzy 112
    Bergantino HT112 x2
    GK 400RB
    GK 200MB
    SWR WorkingMan's 12

    Digitech JamMan
    Fishman Pro Platinum Bass EQ
    Boss BF-2, CE-2, GT-3, OC-2 & LS-2
    SansAmp ParaDriver
    DigiTech BassSynthWah
    Crowther Prunes&Custard
    Ibanez UE 303B
    Maxon AF-9
    MXR EVH Phase 90
    DBX 163X
    DOD FX25

    Tascam 424MKIII
    M-Audio Delta 1010LT & Audiophile 24/96 soundcards
    Soundcraft Compact 10 Mixer
    Mackie Tracktion 2/assorted Linux recording software
    Tascam VLS21 monitors
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Freelance--funk, jazz, Latin, dub/reggae, pop
    Previously Owned Gear:
    10-String Chapman Stick (Purpleheart, Matched Reciprocal Tuning)
    Casio WK-3500 keyboard
    Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom
    Pedulla ThunderBolt 6
    Stambaugh Fretless 4
    Schertler Stat-B, Fishman BP-100, and Underwood upright pickups
    Godin SD-4
    Peavey Cirrus Redwood fretless 5 (x2)
    Peavey Cirrus Maple fretted 6
    Conklin GT-7
    EB Music Man StingRay 4
    Sansamp BDDI & Acoustic DI
    Fishman BP-100
    LR Baggs Para-Coustic DI
    Mesa Boogie Bass 400
    Ampeg B2R
    Kramer Pioneer JJ
    Fernandes LEB-J4
    Peavey TKO 65 (UGH!!!)
    80's Guild Pilot
    '87 Alembic Spoiler Fretless 4
    '90 Japanese Squier Jazz
    BagEnd S15-D and S15-BD cabs w/EV Proline
    Peavey Patriot fretless
    SWR Goliath III Jr. 2x10 & S.O.B. 1x15
    Carvin PB-200-12 combo
    G.A.S. List:
    Pedulla Rapture P-J or single HB (19mm 5-string)
    Bergantino IP-112
    New Standard LaScala upright (carved or hybrid)
    Influences and Teachers:
    Bill Laswell, Brian Eno, Claude Debussy, Charles Mingus, Chris Wood, Mike Gordon, James Jamerson, Stevie Wonder, Phil Lesh, Tina Weymouth, John Entwistle, Oteil Burbridge, Tony Levin
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Linux, Cooking, Baking, Natural Building