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Gear Reviews

Bass Guitars

The new Jeff Berlin signature from Cort...
5/5, 1 Review
Clean and simple design, with an understated...
4/5, 1 Review
I bought this (used) earlier this year, and...


The Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine is an ultra-fast,...
5/5, 1 Review
Compact head with tube preamp and class D power

Cabs and Combos

You're going to enjoy this portable and...
5/5, 1 Review
2x15 bass cab


5/5, 1 Review
Classic analogue chorus with rate and depth...
5/5, 1 Review
True-bypass Instrument Selector
4/5, 1 Review
Can shift +/- 2 octaves or bend +/- 1 octave...

Bass Guitar Strings

5/5, 1 Review
LaBella Copper White Nylon Tapewound Strings
4.5/5, 2 Reviews
Steel hex core with nickel-plated windings