Ed Conley

A Functional, Easy Playing P Bass...

3/5, 3 from 3 reviews
Another bargain bass guitar from Glarry with awesome potential...
  1. groovepump
    Great bass, if tweeked a little
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Dec 1, 2020
    Build Quality:
    • + inexpensive
    • + light weight
    • + great finish
    • - strings and pickups need replacing, immediately. Total junk.
    • - Fret end very sharp. NEED to be filed down. OUCH!
    • - Tuning machines need replacing. Gears don't mesh properly. Junk hardware.
    I own a fretted AND fretless Glarry P-bass,
    I own 5 basses (de-fretted Ibanez, Fender 5 and 4 string jazz basses)
    My little Glarry has become my primary gigging bass, and I have it at every show.
    My review needs to be qualified. (this rating was downgraded after gigging this bass for a few months. Now I give it a "2")
    The bass body, neck, and finish are excellent. The bass is very light. Nice for 3 hour shows.
    But as it arrives, out of the box:
    Strings suck. Dead. Pickups are very noisy. 60Hz hum and electrical noise are overwhelming.
    There are dead notes, and I didn't try to identify the reason.
    Out of the box, it is unusable (my opinion) for any kind of performing. This earns it 1-star.
    The bass cost only me $65 or $70 on Amazon. You get what you pay for.
    So, I copper shielded the entire inside cavity and pick guard with copper tape.
    I replaced the pickups with "real" Fender classic '62 pickups ($65) and replaced the strings with
    La Bella nylon tape wound (750N), and adjusted the action a tad (it was already very good).
    Now the bass is quiet, has great tone, is fun to play, and is easy to wear for hours at a show.
    Sounds like a real P-bass.
    So, for under $200, I have a nice-looking bass that has all the tone of a P-bass. That gets it the 5-stars. I love this bass now. It's my most-played bass.

    3-30-2021: Revised assessment.... I found-out why the tuning machines are so sicky and weird (at times) to tune. The worm gear and toothed gear in the tuners don't always mesh well. They're actually CRAP. The tuning machines need replacing immediately with this bass. Oil will NOT help them. I ordered Fender tuners because I feared that the other "cheap" tuners on Amazon may be similar "junk" from China. At least the Fender type are a known quantity. Another $50 puts the price of upgrading the bass over that of buying a Squier Affinity bass, which is a helluva lot better bass by a huge margin. My final conclusion is-- If you plan to use this bass to play out, buy something else. I will NOT buy another Glarry. They take too much time and upgrading to be worthwhile. You WILL learn a lot by fixing them--- you'll have to. You'll spend a lot of time and money and end up with a bass that has zero resale value and marginal gig-ability. Save your money. I'll review the Fretless Glarry separately.
    Price Paid:
    $65 + strings, pickups, tuning machines = $230