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Another bargain bass guitar from Glarry with awesome potential...
  1. groovepump
    Glarry Fretless Bass
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Mar 31, 2021
    Build Quality:
    • + Really nice fingerboard. It's the only good thing about the bass.
    • - Strings, pickups, tuning machines are all junk. JUNK!
    • - Burleywood is like balsa wood. Screws cannot be torqued down without stripping the hole
    • - BY the time you fix all the quality issues you will have spent as much as buying a real bass.
    I have a Fretless Glarry in Burlywood. I will save you the time to read my entire observations (below): These are crap basses. Don't buy one.
    1)The tuning machines are junk. Worm gear and toothed gear don't always mesh well and in my case, the D-string released string tension completely after a point. Couldn't tune D-string at all. impossible.
    2) The pickups are extremely noisy and have low-output. The pickups were not aligned with the strings, Completely wrong. Replaced immediately. The tone sucks.
    3) Wiring from pick-ups to vol and tone controls was a mess and had a lot of extra wire running around the components.
    The cavity where the pick-ups are mounted is routed too deep. This causes the distance between strings and magnets to be over 1 cm. I had to cut a wood piece to raise the floor of the cavity to get the pickups to under 5mm spacing to the strings.
    4) even with the pickups "raised", the alignment with the strings was always wrong because the string spacing did not match the magnet spacing at the point where Glarry routed and mounted the pickups. Splitting the difference in error requires shifting the pickups side-to side, which in turn requires you to hog out the pick guard opening, leaving big open gaps around the pickups.
    5) The entire cavity needs to be shielded, and the bridge ground wire needs to be solidly connected to this shielding. The internal wiring needs to be shortened-up.
    6) The strings are . . . a step up from baling wire. They totally suck. Might as well be kite strings. Replaced them immediately.
    7) The Burlywood body looks beautiful, and the finish is excellent. But Burlywood is so soft, the pick-guard and bridge screws are easily stripped when removing and replacing them during modification. 3 of the pick guard screws were already loose as they had been over tightened at the factory and could be pulled-out with your fingers. Burlywood is like Balsa wood. It literally is as soft as the styrofoam peanuts used in packaging. I found this out when I tried to route a shallow guide beneath the bridge for a piezo pickup wire exit. The varnish was harder than the wood. I routed the "groove" with a straight screwdriver ( 1/8" blade) and had to be careful to NOT go to deep. The wood is as easy to dig into as a styrofoam peanut, or a piece of toast. No wonder the screws don't stay put. JUNK!
    8) The one thing I did like about the bass was the fingerboard. The feel of the neck and fingerboard was excellent (to me). The rest of the bass is horrible and Glarry should be ashamed to offer these for sale.

    Some people like Glarry basses "as-is". I can't imagine what kind of players they are, or what kind of music they play, but I haven't been able to gig this new bass yet (3 months old) because I need to keep fixing it. I've spent as much as the price of a new Squier Affinity bass. I have two Squier Jazz basses, and I gig them all the time. They are a thousand times the quality and play-ability of these stupid Glarry paper weights.
    As I said in my other review, DON'T DO IT! Save your money. Buy something else. Anything Else.
    I'll end here before I tell you how I really feel . . .
    Price Paid:
    $99 bass + replacement pickups + tuners + strings + copper tape = $270