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Acoustic Image Coda R IIa

4.5/5, 4.5 from 2 reviews
All Contra, Coda and New Yorker combos are based on the same superb class- D 300-watt power amplifier, on a compact three-way speaker system (also
  1. Ale
    It's a monster!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Mar 20, 2015
    Build Quality:
    • + Small, lout, great HiFi, great reverb, two channels (perfect for upright), genius speaker construction
    • - It costs a lot - but it's worth it.
    This is a monster !

    its truly amazing , its so small but sounds amazing and plays loud !

    Ive played SWR , Ampeg , Eden , Ebs and others , big rigs with 410 speakers and 810 speakers , for thoose amps you need a roadie .. I would say this amp gives me enough power to replace thoose big rigs , but its ten times smaller !

    For gigs , i just take the amp on my shoulder and i roll my upright with the other hand .. i can now walk to my local gigs !

    About the sound , its just amazing ..
    The tone is rich and goosy , sounds a bit like a tube amp but still with a very hitech distinct sound . It gives me a perfect hitech sound for my electric basses (passive Fenders) with a nice low and a very sharp mid , though the Eq is very sensitiv and it takes som time to master .

    For my upright it gives me a tight and very "electric sound" , almost like a fretless bass guitar. I use a Fishman dual piezzo pickup , if i have the "brite" on 75 % and then i cut the "treble" to 0% , wich gives a very nice sound for reference , distinct and tight .

    I think its sounds a bit like a WW , with the acoustic tone , it realy makes the upright sound like an upright , sometimes the normal amplifiers takes away the acoustic soul in the instrument , but not the AI amplifier.

    Now in thinking of buying a Focus ll R , and two EBS neo cabs ..

    (obs , i use the first model , with the old design , but its the same amp):bassist:

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