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Acoustic Image Coda R IIa

4.5/5, 4.5 from 2 reviews
All Contra, Coda and New Yorker combos are based on the same superb class- D 300-watt power amplifier, on a compact three-way speaker system (also
  1. Akami
    Compact, loud - but limited range
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 20, 2015
    Build Quality:
    • + Compact, loud, full sounding and two independent channels
    • - Limited range on tone controls
    Have had two of these for a few years now and have used them primarily as compact pa systems with an acoustic guitar and vocal mic. Works very well for dinner music, with the balanced mic input in channel two and the effects are just enough for a little ambience without having to bring in anything other than instrument, mic, stand and amp - one quick trip.

    Over the last few yeas I've had to call Acoustic Image only a couple of times and always had the phone answered very quickly, and had all my questions answered. Excellent design, customer service and manufacture quality. Even on such a tiny unit, SpeakOn connectors and heavy duty speaker cable.

    For bass I find the tone to be quick and punchy, even at whisper quiet practice levels and makes low level practice much more enjoyable than any other amp that you would normally have in the bedroom with you.

    Very easy to use, logical control layout and while I wish there was a bit more range on the tone controls, they sound good right out of the box with all controls flat.

    My take on these tiny combos is that they are a perfect amp for small, low level gigs, compact all-in-one sound systems and elegant practice amp that doesn't look out of place, or take up much space around the house. Add a 2x10 or 4x10 and you could probably play it on any stage.

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