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  • Power:
    700 watts
    12x9x3 @ 4.5 pounds
    1/4 inch
    Speakon and 1/4 tuner out
    EQ / Controls:
    Gain-treble-high mid-low mid- bass with deep and bright switches. Master volume.
    Other Specs:
    700 watts


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  1. alembicguy

    I finally received this new amp yesterday and put it through its paces with a side by side test with a ToneHammer 500 and a DB750 ran through a few different cab combinations.

    The ToneHammer is a great class D amp but it always felt like regardless of the cabinet it was powering it sounded like it had a blanket over it. I really had to open it up to the edge of clipping to get it to speak.

    The DB750 is always my favorite. It has headroom for days and power like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I have run dual SVT rigs and the DB750 just crushed them and that’s saying a lot as my last SVT’s were Heritage series hand wired and tubed with the best.

    The AG700 It is similar in size to the ToneHammer just slightly larger foot print. Now to the goods.

    First off this AG700 has more tone shaping availability than the TH500 or the DB750 with the slightest turn of a EQ knob. Anyone who has experience with Aguilar knows that the EQ adjustments can be very subtle with a large turn of a knob, not the case with the AG700. Every adjustment is noticeable instantly and is very useful. The deep and bright buttons are voiced very different from the DB750 as the deep really brings the low end out and rounds it off beautifully and the bright switch adds some really nice top end sparkle not harsh like a SVT can get.

    If you are familiar with the front panel of the DB750 you will be right at home on the AG700 as they are identical.

    The overall sound is very clean and can be anywhere from vintage tone to modern hi-fi with simple tone adjustments.

    Slap tone is spectacular with the deep and bright switches engaged and the high mid and low mid dialed back with the bass and treble boosted to 1 o’clock.

    Excellent finger and slap tone along with a awesome rock tone with a pick.

    Headroom is abundant with this amp, very reminiscent of the DB750.

    Stable at 8ohm-4ohm and 2.67ohms

    The 2.67 rating makes it available to run a combination of a 4ohm cab and a 8ohm cab. Nice feature.

    I ran it through several cabinet configurations.

    2x10 Eden

    6x10 Eden and Bergantino

    8x10 SWR Megoliath

    Powerhouse 1000 Mesa Boogie

    2x10 and 2x12 Eden and Custom made cab.

    I’m very pleased with the results and at a weight of a little under 5 pounds this amp delivers the goods.

    I will try and post a sound clip soon and give a better idea of the tone availability with Aguilars newest addition to the the bass player community.