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  • Power:
    half rack
    active, passive
    2 unbalanced 1/4", 1 balanced XLR
    EQ / Controls:
    Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Deep switch, Bright switch, effects send level, effects return level, Master
    Other Specs:
    series/parallel effects loop
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Recent Reviews

  1. winegamd
    "Aguilar DB-659 Tube Bass Preamp"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Excellent fat tube warmth, great build quality, awesome DI
    Cons - Mid eq is limited, some noise, needs a tube swap for best results
    This is one of the best bass preamps ever made in my opinion. Its tone is surprisingly true and uncolored, but is able to get a fatter, tubier, growlier, SVT sort of sound compared to the studio cleanliness of the DB-680. It has more low mid punch and growl compared to the slightly scooped and dry mids of the DB-680. The lows also seem more extended than the tight bottom of the DB-680. The top end also has a bit more sparkle to it in the 8k+ region.

    Compared to the other makers, no one even comes close. Everything with a Fender tone stack sounds scooped and muddy in comparison. Demeters have as much detail, but lack the low end muscle. The Kern is close, but lacks the clarity. Pretty much the same goes for all of the Ampeg offerings, too. The only pre's I have heard come close are high end recording studio channel strips like UA's and Millenium's.

    The EQ is somewhat limited, though. The Bass and Treble affect a very wide bandwidth. The mid is pretty timid and adds more harmonic content than actual mid boost. These attributes leave little for actual scuplting, and are more for subtle alterations. But, the tone doesn't need much fixing if you like what you are putting in to it. The stock tubes are pretty crummy, so swapping in high quality NOS or Reissues is recommended. I like the Mullard and Tung Sol reissues personnally. Overall build quality is typical Aguilar; its a tank.
    Price Paid:


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  1. Tommy69
    I didn't even know about this preamp for bass guitar. I own an Aguilar Tone Hammer foot pedal and I do like it a lot. It adds a very warm full bottom end, has good controlled mid and high eq trims. Its a great pedal. I sometimes use it with my Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine head and use the Tone Hammer as the preamp, bypassing the Mesa preamp section. It just makes my bass sound better. Not that the Mesa preamp is bad or that I don't like it. Just sometimes to change things up a bit, I use the Aguilar Tone Hammer. I wonder if I wouldn't be a real preamp slut and stick this Aguilar preamp in my rack next to my Sansamp RBI preamp and really start to confuse people who try to figure out how I'm getting my sound. I will probably need to add a switcher in order to switch between the different preamps though.
  2. pbassnut
    I have one of these bad boys and love it. It's more or less a one trick pony, but oh ... what a great trick it is. Old school fatness that works with a P-Bass like bread & buttah.