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Recent Reviews

  1. BillyLebuA
    Build Quality:
    Pros - -Modern sound
    -Well balanced
    -Good P sound
    -Good J sound
    Cons - -Some may find them a bit too bright and sizzles
    -The sound is not vintage

    Here is the video review, more in-detail for Aguilar PJ Pickups set.

    Aguilar's introduction video is kind of short for each product.

    This pickup set has really forward midrange. The output of the P and the J seem to be well matched.
    The P p/u is somewhat modern, very bright compare to traditional P p/u. It gives me wider range of tone.

    The J pickup is very mid forward which is very useful for finger style solo or any fills.

    When both pickups are Full ON sound very jazz bass alike.

    If you're looking for "vintage P sound" this might work but I'd find those that are aimed to be in the "vintage sound" category.

    Hope my review helps you decide :D

    All the best
    Billy L.
    Price Paid:


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  1. KickingBass
    I have just the bridge pickup paired up with a stock Fender alnico P pickup. The Aggie replaced my stock noiseless ceramic J pickup. I didnt like the stock pickup because it was too harsh and trebly. The Aggie fixed that easily with a much smoother high end and clear sound. The Aguilar pickup is a little quieter though like it may have less output. I got the pickup used and cheap so it was a good deal. Not entirely sure I'd buy one new just because the tonal benefits werent huge and the price can be rather high.
  2. BillyLebuA
    Wire: Heavy Formvar, 42 gauge
    Magnets: Alnico V
    Leads: Single conductor, cloth-covered


    Wire: 42 gauge, Formvar wire
    Magnets: Alnico V
    Leads: Single conductor, cloth-covered