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  1. JC Vallejo
    "Good sound and power for the price you pay"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Compact, easy to use, nice tone
    Cons - Not very reliable if you push it to the limits, 3 band EQ is not always all what you need to sculpt your tone.
    I bought mine used and had it for 7 months. I used it for practice and gigs with a custom cabinet with a single Eminence Delta15LF-4(Ohms) 600w driver with no issues. It's a good option for the price you pay, especially if you get a nice used one as I did.

    As most of the D class amps, it's not very reliable if you push it to the limits very often and for long periods of time, but hey! 350watts even at 60% is a lot of power to make it rumble. I sold it once I got his big brother, the PF800.
    Price Paid: