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  • Power:
    1200W @ 4 ohms
    EQ / Controls:
    3 bands EQ with optional 9 bands EQ
    Other Specs:
    Tons of connectivity

Recent Reviews

  1. baxter_x
    "The workhorse, the locomotive, the anvil"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - -produces sound you want. Don't get me started on this, if you didn't find, it you misused it or didn't really try
    -Optional 9 band EQ
    Cons - -Heavy
    -Side vented. Wrong Ampeg! That's the only issue with this amp
    -Not for everyone. Must be experienced bass player or read and read again the manual.
    To me, the SVT 4 Pro is simply one of the best gigging amp ever. Very well designed, offers so much bells and whistles for any bass player. The amp has two internal amplifiers. Capable of working together (mono) or independently (stereo). In stereo, the amp is capable of going down to 2 ohms per side. I've played venues where I could drive 2 Ampeg 810 behind me. That amp is a workhorse. Those who bash this amp never used it or misused it. Tonally, exactly the same as my Mesa Carbine M9: Super massive in the low department, super clean, super dynamic. But the SVT 4 has 3 tubes instead of one for the M9.
    Compared to a SVT-CL, the CL produces natural harmonics SS or hybrid head don't let through. But to me the SVT 4 Pro sounds 90% alike. A bit darker, but way more headroom and heaviness. And half the weight of the CL.

    One advice for pretty much any Ampeg amps: Don't use the master knob to find a good sound. But crack the GAIN!!! Personnaly I set the master at 75% and use the gain knob as volume knob. That's the secret to have a dynamic, warm and powerful SVT 4 pro.

    One thing to care about: If you put it in a rack. The SVT4 needs room to breath. Don't forget a 1200W will produce a loooot of heat! A lack of room will trigger the thermal security to kick in, reducing the power to avoid any grave problem. This happened to me once, drilled holes in my rack, never ever happened since then.


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  1. FXDB25
    I did love my 4-Pro but it just didnt have enough grunt on its own, did have all the feature i could possibly want though and i will always regret letting her go... but forward we go in the search of the perfect tone
      baxter_x likes this.
    1. baxter_x
      It's an awesome amp! I had owned and tried many. To me the only one that can compete with it is the Mesa V12. I rented an SVT 2 Pro a several hours ago. I felt the SVT 2 was sounding 80% the same as my trusted SVT4 pro. If I had to chose, I'd pick up an SVT 4 against an SVT 2 Pro.
      baxter_x, Feb 11, 2017
  2. metelmunkey
    My work-around for the thermal problem was to mount the SVT-4 in a 5 space SKB rack with a 2 space rack fan system. PROCOOL Professional Cooling Solutions
    I just plug the power for the fans into the back of the head, and voila, no heat issues even with the amp bridged at 4 ohms. Plus, the LEDs look cool.
      baxter_x likes this.
    1. baxter_x
      Good to know ! Even if drilling holes is simple, efficient and can't breackdown. But your solution might interesting for my Mesa Titan V12.
      baxter_x, Jan 20, 2017