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  • Power:
    1350 watts mono-bridged @ 4 ohms ( 1000 watts continuous )
    19W x 5.5H x 15.5D
    more than a dozen
    EQ / Controls:
    clean channel--gain, peak led, ultra hi, ultra lo, bass, mid, treble, compression, combine, volume
    overdrive channel--gain, boost, gate, bass, mid, frequency, treble, volume, octave, master, limit, channel select, limit defeat, crossover frequency, crossover balance, power.
    1000-1300 new
    Other Specs:
    2 separate power amps that can be used individually or simultaneously

Recent Reviews

  1. Brian Batie
    "Great sound, but shuts down."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Lightweight, more than enough power, great sound, very versatile
    Cons - Shuts down unexpectedly
    I have used this amp, and/or the 7 Pro quite a few times on my concerts, (either one was on my standard rider) but on more than a few shows, the amp (take your pick) would suddenly go quiet. Even in a non-cased amp in an air-conditioned environment. I thought at first it was thermal shutdown, but in some cases only 5 minutes after beginning to play, no sound. Power still on, but no sound. Not a good thing to happen during a concert. Luckily I usually have a spare, (brand not mentioned) which I really don't care much for, but it gets me through the night. As much as I LOVE THE SOUND, I just can't trust them on a big, or important stage. When it's good, it's excellent, but when it's bad, it's all the way bad!
  2. graybass
    "SVT-5 Pro"
    Pros - Best sound and headroom ever.
    Cons - Very heavy!!!
    I've played thru everything ever made,,,,at least it seems that way! This head provides such a huge amount of head room any setting, no matter how much bottom you dial up, is reproduced effortlessly. Ridiculous open E thumb slap tone! You can hurt people with this.
  3. LeftyD
    "Room shaker"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - What a great amp
    Cons - can't justify getting a 4 pro
    Everytime I use the 5 pro, it impresses me with how good it sounds and how powerful it is. The room vibrates. Maybe it's the octaver, one of the many features on the 5pro.
    It has a clean channel and an overdrive channel which can be combined if you like.
    2 power amps that can be used separately or combined. I run mine mono-bridged which combines both power amps into one powerful package.
    It can be bi-amped. One power amp handles the lows. One power amp handles the highs. When bi-amped the front panel has 2 knobs that handle the crossover frequency and the crossover balance. I like how easy that is accomplished. When the bi-amped button is pushed on the rear panel, one power amp handles the highs and one the lows. No need to use patch jacks, like the 4 Pro.
    I was looking for a used 4 pro, when I found the 5 pro. The 4 pro is great , but I like the looks and the ease of use of the 5 pro better. Plus, I have an Ampeg B4R which is like a solid state 4 pro.
    I decided to do this little review because I played the 5 pro today and was duly impressed with it.
    Price Paid:
    $750 looks and performs like new.
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  1. Son of Wobble
    Nice review! We need a TB club for the ten of us using this amp!