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Ashdown 12 Band DI Bass Graphic Equalizer

  • Pedal Type:
    9 Volt
    203mm x 145mm
    1/4" inch jack
    1/4" inch jack, DI output
    12 band graphic EQ, DI output, glowing VU meter, shape knob, DI level, individual on/off for graphic EQ and shape.
    Other Specs:
    Metal casing, painted silver, on/off indicator LEDs for shape and EQ, three little handle things.
  • WP_20160115_004.jpg WP_20160115_010.jpg WP_20160115_011.jpg WP_20160115_012.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Retroblaster
    "EQ with huge balls!!!!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - I've got an NXT 4 string the bass got no balls I tried a few outboard eq's and most only increased the noise ashdowns eq added some meaty tones that the piezo's couldn't match now I can have seamless transition from electric to EUB and not have to change all my tone settings to get a decent sound match
    Cons - Make sure to get a power supply this pedal tends to eat 9V like candy
    For the price this EQ will fit the bill for adding tone to your NS NXT Bass without having to redo your tone settings on your amp. It makes playing the bass live and not messing around trying to adjust stuff so you can concentrate on the gig and not why your tone sucks between electric and the EUB in your amp.
    Price Paid:
    120.00$ Shipped through EBay
  2. A. D. Fairhurst
    "Pretty good, but not quite great."
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Very versatile
    Looks nice
    Cons - Hisses when high frequencies turned up
    When I got it, the DI knob and logo had come off, so I glued the logo back on and pressed the knob back on. I only did it quickly as I planned to take it off again and do it properly, but now I can't get it back off and I have a knob that points to the wrong place. Oh well, I won't be using it for DI purposes any time soon. On top of this, the EQ hisses when the higher frequencies are turned up, which as a real pain for me.
    However, this is still a very versatile EQ and I won't stop using it. When I am playing the hiss is inaudible even if it's just by myself. With guitars no-one will be any the wiser! Overall, I would recommend this EQ to a bassist in a guitar band, but if you are going to be having lots of pauses in a solo bass piece like Jaco, you may wish to look elsewhere.
    Price Paid:
    Unknown. It was a gift.
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