Ashdown Rootmaster 800 Bass Amp

  • Power:
    800 @ 4 ohms
    Approx. 3"H x 12.3" W x 8.9" D, just a hair under 10lbs.
    Std and Passive inputs, external line input on rear
    Tuner out, DI out (with lift switch), NL4MP speaker output
    EQ / Controls:
    Five band passive, contour switch
    $600-700 street.
    Other Specs:
    Built in octave circuit, and overdrive circuit. Two effect sends. Includes carrying bag.

User Comments

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  1. Sandman64
    I like mine!
  2. juan13
    What cab do you use with this one?
    1. Keithwah
      A pair of RCF loaded 4x10 boxes. Very heavy with the cast frame drivers. Both cabs are 8ohms, so I run them in parallel to load down to 4 ohms. Sounds great, just a very wimpy 800W, not as powerful as my 25 year old Peavy MegaBass.
      Keithwah, Nov 18, 2015
    2. juan13
      oh really is it whimpy? everybody talks as ashdown as a powerfull way to go. I thought this was working well for high violume growly mids.
      juan13, Nov 18, 2015
    3. GMC
      I have a the 420w version and it is comparable to a Trace Elliot 400w amp that I have. But the input gain needs to be run 3/4 or higher. It's a powerful amp and it can kick some serious ampage.
      GMC, Jan 7, 2016