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  • Power:
    36lb 6oz
    Active and Passive inputs, external line input on rear
    Tuner out, DI out (with lift switch)
    EQ / Controls:
    Five band passive, contour switch
    Other Specs:
    Built in octave circuit, compressor circuit and overdrive circuit. Two effect sends.

Recent Reviews

  1. alexmoore10
    "Such a good amp!!!"
    Build Quality:
    Pros - Tone
    Build Quiality
    Cons - Weight
    So there is no confusion yes I am an Ashdown Artist, however despite this, I got this amp from them in October and I have to say that it is fantastic!!!

    I was looking to replace the MarkBass Mini that I was using as this actually belonged to a band that I play for. Being an Ashdown artist I thought it only fair to try their new "lightweight" range.

    Having been an ABM player for the last 15 years I had my doubts!

    The sound that I am able to get from this little combo is as close to an ABM sound as you could imagine with all of the extras. The compressor, drive and octaver are all present and meaty in their tone alongside a 5 band eq.

    Having used the MarkBass for the last few years I was pleasantly surprised when approached by audience members, crew etc to praise the quality and fullness of sound that this amp has.

    That all being said it is not as light at the MarkBass, bigger too, and the sound is not the Hi-Fi sound that I had...but it is the sound that I want!

    Hope you like them as much as I do.


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  1. davidchampoux
    Hi, can you tell me if there's a built-in tweeter in the combo (on the upper right corner)? I can't find the info on the web. Thnx.
  2. howlin
    What's the power rating @ 8ohms? Thanks.
  3. Laklndad
    Do you find that the e-string can fart out every so often or do you play in a way that this would not be a problem? Obviously if you push an amp especially in the lower frequencies, the speaker would have a harder time with that. I did try these out at Namm and there was a little farting going on but then trying anything out at Namm is not the same as anywhere else. Some combos have a problem with lower frequencies and it could be that these have there limits. However, maybe because of your technique, this amp doesn't have any of that.
    1. alexmoore10
      I mainly play a V string bass and whilst the amp doesn't fart everything nearby does shake when I play.

      Give them another go and let me know how you get on.

      All the best.
      alexmoore10, Feb 21, 2017
      Laklndad likes this.