Aurora Bass Strings Blue 45-105

4.5/5, 4.5 from 1 review
Bright for a coated string. Great color!

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  1. BrentSimons
    Long lasting and pretty to boot! ;)
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 25, 2019
    Build Quality:
    • + Smooth feel
    • + Balanced tone, bright
    • + Long lasting
    • - Price a little bit but if they last as long as they say I think it evens out? :)
    he Aurora coated strings...I bought these in blue, being my favorite color. :) I got these at a great price from Jason at Bass Strings Online @SLaPiNFuNK ( Great shop by the way! :))(Now Fretnation) So let me preface by saying the only other coated string I have ever used were DR Neons. With the occasional Elixir thrown in if I tried out a new Ibanez bass. They weren't horrible by any stretch but I like a really twangy string and the Neons are essentially coated Sunbeams from what I've read. I bought a set of the red, white and blues during a Memorial Day sale. The kids thought they looked goofy! ;) But anyway, I kept them on for a short while but really couldn't get into them. They just felt sort of plasticy to my fingers? Although they did provide a really cool growl on my USA Peavey Cirrus if you dug in!
    So I thought the Auroras looked kinda cool and they were on sale, so i figured why not? I probably wouldn't have taken a chance if they were full price but hey something new, right?
    They feel fairly smooth. They don't feel grabby or sticky. As you can hear they are bright. Especially for a coated string.
    I love the color! :) They look great on my Cirrus with its darker wood combinations. I don't think they glow under black lights like the Neons but I have no way of testing that. That's fine though I would rather not be too flashy. ;)
    They have a nice tension. Even on my Cirrus which is a 35" scale. Not too tight or floppy.
    They aren't cheap though. Searching around, about $25 before shipping. I found them as low as $19 but that particular store seems to be out of stock.
    After over three months these strings still sound bright. Now granted I'm not gigging and playing them every day. But they still sound great and I haven't noticed any fraying or damage to the coating even when using a pick. But you will need to try them out yourselves.
    I took these off recently to try out the EB Slinkys but kept the set. I'll probably put them back on when the Slinkys fade.
    Hope this helps,
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    Aurora's Premium Colored Bass Strings really lets you look as good as you sound. Whether fingered or picked they have a clean, bright sound, with superior tone. And they last at least twice as long as plain strings, making them a good value. Our premium strings are infused with silver, and they last at least twice as long as plain strings, making them a good value.

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