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  1. 1954bassman
    Good Value
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed May 11, 2016
    • + I really like the color of the Gold coating. Long life. Excellent tone, Coating is very durable,
    • - A little pricey. Strings felt rough when new.
    Okay, so I wanted Gold strings on my Gold EBMM Sterling 5H, I like the bling, what can I say. I have to pinch pennies, so the price was a little steep for my budget.

    Easy to put on, plenty of string. Tension seems a little on the stiff side, which I like. I have Elixirs on my EBMM Sterling 5HS, and the Auroras really felt rough for several months. In fact, I am certain I developed thinker calluses on my left hand.

    They have been on about six months now, and the roughness has smoothed out some, but the strings still sound great. i have a set of Slinkys I am itching to put on one of my Ernie Balls, but I can't see taking the Auroras off, as they still sound nice. Good full tone up and down the fingerboard. Plus the Gold coating show no signs of wear or fraying.

    Bottom line, these have been a great-sounding, and long-lasting string. They make all colors, by the way. Gold is the only set I have experience with.

    I ordered mine direct from Aurora, they arrived factory fresh and quickly.

    From the Aurora website:

    Manufactured in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Aurora strings are the ONLY guitar strings that are made entirely from domestic components; truly 100% made in the USA from top-grade materials, and meticulously overseen by master craftsmen.
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