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    Halo Custom GVK 5 String

    "Great 5 String"
    Boom......this is a booming bass that can handle most any style. The EMG pups are active and therefore, very responsive. I love this bass but some see it as a Star Wars type adventure when it actuality is a very good bass made well with great materials. The quality build on this is just fantastic. Looks mean and sounds mean. Perfect for anyone wanting to step out of the realm of normalcy. It is crazy looking but sounds just as crazy (good). I love this. It is long though and I have yet to...
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  2. Basspolizei reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray

    "Fender Designed"
    Badass bass for sure and there is a very good explaination for this. The bass was designed and produced because of one man named LEO. If not familiar, Leo Fender designed this bass. That's why it is so toneful and sought after......He sold Fender, designed and worked for Musicman and then took the experience from both and built the almighty G&L!