Items from Dan B

  1. Dsm & Humboldt Electronics Bass Simplifier

    Taken from the manufacturer's website: The new DSM & Humboldt SIMPLIFIER BASS STATION is everything you ever needed to go direct to the FOH or recording amazing bass tones without sacrificing anything. It includes a Bass Preamp with gain, level, and a 3 band EQ with semi-parametric mid control. A parallel signal routing with a selectable LPF, dual FX loop (for preamp and parallel signal), and an amazing analog cabinet simulation, based on the acclaimed Omnicabsim ® by DSM Noisemaker....
  2. Boss Mt-2 Metal Zone

    The classic super high gain distortion from Boss
  3. Joyo Jf-327 Raptor Flanger

    Flanger from Joyo's Ironman series of pedals. Circuitry is cloned from the Ibanez FL-9, and shares the same controls as the original pedal. From "The Joyo Raptor Flanger is a BBD (brucket brigate) analog design with four controls for extra tweekable flangey goodness. Whether you want a light swirl or a full on jet engine turbo roar you got it in spades here. Small, lightweight, economical, protects your settings with flip cover, and will survive being thrown from a plane."
  4. Ebs Multidrive (non Se)

    EBS's overdrive pedal in their standard small form factor package.
  5. Behringer Hd300 Heavy Distortion

    Behringer clone of the Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion
  6. Ltd Surveyor 415

    ESP's LTD variant of the venerable Surveyor bass
    The ESP LTD Surveyor-415 5-string bass features bolt-on construction for added attack and snap. The neck's U-contour allows quick and easy access to all of the instrument's 21 frets. The maple fingerboard accentuates the top and bottom frequencies for a great-sounding tone, especially for any rock, or rhythm and blues setting. With its breathtaking swamp ash body, chrome hardware, beautiful finish, and sleek black pickups, this bass will keep you playing into the late hours with control and...
  7. Tc Electronic 3rd Dimension

    Vintage Analog Chorus Pedal Recreation with 4-Button Effect Selection and BBD Circuitry
  8. Dod Gunslinger Mosfet Distortion

    Mosfet distortion from DOD
  9. Carvin Vanquish V49K

    4 string variant of the popular Vanquish series of bass guitars offered by Carvin/Kiesel.