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  1. DanielleMuscato reviewed a Preamp in the category Preamps.

    Ampeg SVP Pro

    "Legendary Ampeg stuff here"
    Basics: I rated this preamp a 9 on the 1-10 scale. The only reservation is the potential for noise problems. I have never had a noise problem with mine, but other SVP-Pro owners I've talked to have, so I'm including it in my review. Quality: Legendary Ampeg stuff here. Although it has a lot of knobs and faders, the controls are very intuitive, and it's very easy to dial in a great sound in seconds, and a gorgeous one if you tweak it a bit. The faders and knob pots are solid, the...
  2. DanielleMuscato reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Modulus Quantum 5

    I agree with Charles' review above. Modulus basses are fantastic. I prefer the neck profiles of MTDs (asymmetrical), but I like everything else about Modulus basses better. Great tone, very solid, good-looking, playable, and tough as hell. These are perfect for gigging and sound so crystal-clear in the studio, too. I highly recommend them.