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Reviews by Double E

  1. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Fender Standard Jazz Bass 2017

    "Not just a great value!"
    This, the 2017 Fender Standard Jazz... the last year for the Standard Series was a great example of these instruments. The satin finish maple neck with the gloss finished maple fretboard on this bass is very, very nice. I like the black TV logo too. Everything else is just your run of the mill original Jazz bass spec... and it's wonderful! These will always count as a stand by workhorse of a bass, affordable but worthy of any stage. Love it!
  2. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Fender American Standard Precision Bass 2012

    "Necessary part of any bass selection"
    I saw this bass in this color and simply had to have it. The one I picked up used had the original Custom Shop pickup replaced with the popular EMG GZR-P passive vintage split coil. I received from the previous owner the original electronics but have decided so far to keep the EMG in there...it's made for vintage tones and seems to tick all of the boxes for a standard P bass tone. This is a timeless classic instrument and the 2012 version is a nicely refined rendition. The maple neck has a...
  3. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Lakland Skyline 55-60

    "My modded 55-60"
    These Lakland Skylines make great modding platforms. This one was routed for soapbar pickups before I bought it, I then switched the pickups to Nordstrand Fat Stacks and added a East J-Retro preamp. I also had a couple different custom pickguards made to match by Pickguardian. I am a Lakland guy when it comes to 5 strings. I don't know what tips the scale for me, the neck profile, the scale length or the neck finish... but I just feel right at home on this bass. I also dig the wide bridge...
  4. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Yamaha Bb414 4 String Bass

    "The Black Pearl"
    This budget bass is a no brainer as a starter bass or a good solid player for a working musician. I was gifted this bass several years ago and it really holds its own... I have enjoyed many basses but this instrument could easily be my #1. The PJ config delivers and the basic controls provide all you really need. The only drawback I can think of is the single coil bridge pickup being a bit noisy. I rarely have to adjust this, it lives up to Yamaha's stellar reputation for good quality...
  5. Double E reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Tc Electronic Corona Chorus

    "Great sounding for bass out of the box"
    This makes for a great bass chorus even though it isn't marketed that way. The onboard controls provide great control, I will have to admit that I haven't tried the Tone Print feature in the several years I have used this pedal. There is little to be critical about with this thing, it is pretty well put together and has been pretty reliable. I do wish it had top mounted jacks to save some space but that's a subjective critique I suppose. The tone is clean and precise, the default...
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  6. Double E reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    3 Leaf Proton Envelope Filter V3

    "3 leaf Proton V1"
    I have been using the Proton V1 for a few years now. Many other filters have been tried and I currently still own a couple others but the Proton stays on my main board. It just offers consistent smooth sounding, juicy filter tones that are bass-face inducing. Like any filter, you have to practice with it to get a feel for getting the thing to open up for you but once you dial it in, it delivers. Mine is an early model with a custom etched limited chassis... it has some limited control but...
  7. Double E reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    Markbass Mini Cmd 121p

    "Great little practice combo"
    This combo gets alot of love here on these forums, and for good reason. Surprisingly loud for such a small package. I use this routinely for rehearsals from acoustic trios to jazz ensembles with horns to dual guitar rock outfits. I have even used it in performance situations when a larger rig was just not called for. This amp has great tone shaping tools that help dial in to your instrument and the room. The four band eq is pretty handy on it's own but the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker...
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  8. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Breedlove Atlas Solo Bj350/cme4 Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar

    "Sweet sounding ABG"
    This bass was an ebay purchase... actually a gift from my lovely wife! It came to me with bronze round wound strings which I hated. Using any glissando produced quite a nasty noise from the string windings. I immediately set out to change the strings. I bought LaBella tapes for it but found out quickly that the bridge system on the bass does not accommodate strings with excessive thickness at the ball end like these tape wound strings apparently have, especially since the gauge is...
  9. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Rosewood Neck Limited Edition Shell Pink

    "Unexpectedly Impressed!"
    Alright, I stopped by my GC when this was fresh on the market. Lucky for me they had one on display... naturally I had to plug it in and check it out. I am a sucker for the look and feel of the unfinished rosewood necks, and it just felt great as expected. The laser etched logo was underwhelming in person, it is not very deep into the wood, I think it would've been cooler if the depth allowed for a more 3D look with some shadow involved. There were a couple surprises that I apparently...
  10. Double E reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Lakland 55-02 Deluxe

    "Phenomenal instrument, destined to be a classic!"
    This bass just feels so good in my hands! Sounds very smooth but can get aggressive if you dig in a bit. The action is easily set for clean low action. Balances well on a strap and has good access to the upper register. The neck is "Plek'd" which is a fancy term for the computerized, machine fret leveling process that Lakland uses. It apparently places the neck in position accounting for string tension during the leveling process which results in a very accurate finished product. This shows...
  11. Double E reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Idiotbox Blower Box Distortion

    "Over-the-top distortion for bass!"
    Your search for an extreme distortion for bass may end here. I bought the older model because I simply had to have the glowing eyes. I was willing to sacrifice the real estate and deal with the top/sideways volume adjustment. This thing delivers on it's promise to blow up your tone with really saturated distortion. It does maintain a good portion of bass frequencies with the bass boosted and the treble boost cut can really assist in fine tuning the attack for super duper dark distortion to...
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