Reviews by DukeCC

  1. DukeCC reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    Fender Rumble 200 1x15 200w Combo Amp

    "Excellent Little Performer - 4.5 Stars"
    Take your local gear snob, blindfold him ('cause, c'mon--it's a 'him'), and stand him in front of this thing and let him hear it. Then, have him extend the pinky of his right hand and hang this mini tone monster off it. Then drop the mic and pick up all the gear you needed for the show and walk out with it in one trip. Smiles all around with this unit. I've played for 5 people and 5,000 with it. No problems whatsoever. Works for BG and DB. Never a hiccup. 34.5 pounds of good time low...
  2. DukeCC reviewed a Item in the category Double Bass Strings.

    Superior Bassworks Deluxe Upright Double Bass Strings Blood Red

    "Excellent Synthetic UB Slap Strings"
    I was a new Double Bass player, and the tone and feel I was getting from my (admittedly) budget DB with steel strings was questionable at best. After some research and discussion with the TalkBass RB Forum folks, I purchased these strings. Fitting them can be a bit of a pain, but not more than the average Joe/Joan can handle. Once I got them on--wow what a difference in tone. Very close to what I consider to be a traditional sound. Decent acoustic--even better amplified. Very playable...