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Reviews by el murdoque

  1. el murdoque reviewed a Head in the category Heads.

    Guitar Souind Systems Baby Sumo 600w Class D Poweramp

    "Finally, a small form factor class D poweramp."
    A review for the Baby Sumo is quick and easy: It's a class D poweramp that keeps things as simple as they can be. The front hosts the input plug (1/4", 10kOhm) and the master pot. The rear hosts the power plug, on/off switch and the speakon plug for the cab. The powerswitch lights up when the unit is active. That's it. The used materials, workmanship and finish are top notch, everything looks and feels very high quality. The amp is shipped with a nice suitcase style case and a power...
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  2. el murdoque reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog

    "Five Stars for my favorite Octave Pedal"
    I tried lots of pedals because i did not want a digital octave. I gave up and settled on the Pog. The tracking is fast and does not glitch. It manages polyphonic tracking and the sub octave sounds a bit strange when soloed, but as soon as a little dry signal comes in it really comes together. The upper octave is a bit harsh when you use too much. When you dial it back to the sweetspot the sound gets huge. The only downside is that the upper octave really starts showing when you play above...
  3. el murdoque reviewed a Item in the category Effects.

    MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe

    "Giutar OD Pedal that excels on Bass"
    I bought the Blueboy from a band colleague after extensive testing. Apart from the Master Vol and the Gain knobs, there are controls for Bright, Tone, Mids and Char. Mids and Char are not that useful for the Bassplayer, but the Tonestack of the toneknob is awesome and the boost for the highs is usable, too. The Tone knob does treble cut + bass boost turned CCW and vice versa. There is absolutely no loss in the low end, with the Tone knob set in favor of Bass, even the low B gets a nice...

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