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Items from gjohnson441496

  1. American Deluxe Dimension™ Bass Iv Hh

    Ash body with asymmetrical neck heel Maple neck with asymmetrical “C” profile Compound-radius (9.5”-14”) maple or rosewood fingerboard 18-volt
  2. Ernie Ball Super Slinky Flatwound Bass Set, .045 - .100

    SuperBright Cobalt Ribbon - Superior Sheen and Feel Cobalt Under wraps - Added Clarity and Output Optimal Core to Wrap Ratio - Comfortable Tension
  3. Thomastik-Infeld - POWERBASS BASS STRINGS

    BASS STRINGS Nickel Plated Steel Long Scale 34 inches
  4. Voodoo Lab - Pedal Power 2 Plus

    Isolated Power Supply

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