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Items from HateyMcAmp

  1. Krivo Double Bass Pickup

    Magnetic “microphonic” humbucker for Double Bass.
  2. Thomann 111e Br

    The cheapest non-CCB?
    The lowest end Thomann plywood bass. Ebony fingerboard, made in China.
  3. Shen Sb80

    It’s a bass!
    This is Shen’s most basic bass. No frills, no corners cut. Made in China by real luithers, not a CCB (cheap chinese bass.) The luither’s setup stateside is key.
  4. Gamut Lyon Plain Gut Bass G String

    High quality, craft-made gut strings for bass.
    I love Gamut strings, and while the Pistoys get a lot of (deserved) love, I'm still very fond of Lyons. I've tried a bunch of brands, but I'm currently on my 4th Lyon G (this time in medium, but I've tried light+, medium+, and heavy as well.) They are extremely well made, last a very long time, and have kind of a "new traditional" kind of sound. Compared to Chordas and the low buck gut I've tried, which are about 90% thump, the Lyons have a noticeable increase in midrange character and...
  5. Spirocore S43 Solo Gauge Double Bass Strings 4/4

    Sprio Solos tuned to Orch!
    This is a review of Spirocore solo (4/4, S43) strings downtuned to orchestral pitch on my Shen SB80. So far, I like them a lot, way more than any other steel string I’ve tried. They remind me a lot of how Velvet Blue felt on this bass. Soft, but not floppy by any means. I know they’re thin, but they honestly don’t feel very different than any other steel gauge to me, being a gut / nylon / Velvet guy. They are way darker than the Sprio weichs / Helicore Hybrids I’ve used in the past, but...
  6. Shen Sb88

    Plywood bass with oil varnish. Ebony fingerboard.
  7. Pirastro Perpetual

    Pirastro Perpetual strings on a Shen SB88.
  8. Aguilar Octamizer

    Analog, bass-specific octave pedal.

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