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    Phil Jones Double Four BG-75

    "I also own and like alot"
    I also own a Double Four and use it for off-grid applications, like camping, bluegrass festivals, and busking. I've used it primarily with an NS design upright stick bass (NS-CRM) for bluegrass, but also have used it with conventional electric bass camping, as well as a small PA when hooked up to my iPod. Good sound. Not going to level any small buildings or replace your regular amp, but ideal for what I was using it for. Echo what the other reviewer said about the laptop battery being...
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  2. Holdsg reviewed a Item in the category Bass Guitar Strings.

    Sadowsky Flatwound (lights)

    "My favorite flatwound string for several years"
    First of all, I am a flatwound strings fan. I have them on 6 of the 8 basses in my collection (including my upright, which is kinda a given), and other than new flatwound strings I am trying out, they all have Sadowsky flats on them. I've tried a number of flatwound strings from all the major makers. These just tend to be the best of all worlds. They feel great. Not low tension (higher than TIs), and not too stiff (my major beef with Chromes) They sound great, both fingerstyle and with a...
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