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Reviews by J-Mags

  1. J-Mags reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    Fender Rumble 200 1x15 200w Combo Amp

    "Loud and Light"
    This sounds great, and it's loud. I pretty much plug into it with everything at noon and the tweeter off, adjust the EQ slightly to taste,set the master volume where I need it and go to town. It's pretty loud. The 130-odd watts it gets without an extension cabinet are not the shy, retiring watts that some amps get. I can keep up with a fairly loud band, no problem. I tilt it back using an amp rack so I can hear myself at shows, and I'm considering getting an extension cabinet. Sometimes it's...
  2. J-Mags reviewed a Item in the category Bass Guitar Strings.

    Ernie Ball Super Slinky Flatwound Bass Set, .045 - .100

    "Great For Some People"
    These are good strings, but not my cup of tea. If you really want flats that sound mostly like rounds, these are for you. The tension is fairly low. They don't have a luxurious feel right out of the package like GHS Precision Flats and Dunlop Flats do. The feel is more like a lower-tension version of Chromes. I put them on an Ibanez RB820. I play with both fingers and a pick, and I play mostly various genres of rock. My gripe about them is exactly what many might like about them. They...

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