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Reviews by Jim C

  1. Jim C reviewed a Item in the category Cabs and Combos.

    TC Electronic BG250-112 250W

    "Did not like the speaker / cab voicing at all"
    Very lightweight and good size. Decent amount of power for acoustic gigs or practice. I could not get a good tone out of this amp to save my life. The EQ is unusual but I think the real issue is cabinet tuning or driver choice. There are a number of threads that offer EQ suggestions (or outboard EQ) to make it sound differently. I kept mine a week and have never missed it
  2. Jim C reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray

    "Stingray Bass"
    Original bass sound Slappers delight Able to cut through a mix Slightly scooped tone that works well for certain types of music Both of mine are very well made Some are super heavy Great rock bass (Aerosmith is a good example)

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