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Reviews by joebar

  1. joebar reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    fender tony franklin signature fretless

    "simply amazing fretless bass"
    I have owned many FL basses including (what some consider) the best FL out there-the might Pedulla buzzes. I thought that bass couldn't be rivaled (certainly not by a Fender); was the benchmark in which I measured FL basses. seeing that I would likely never find another one locally again, I decided that if a TF Fender FL came up locally, it would be my second choice. earlier this year, an ad popped up locally and I had to go and see it. it was brand new (2016); still had the plastic on it....
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  2. joebar reviewed a Item in the category Pickups.

    EMG GZR-PJ "Geezer Buttler" Signature set.

    "GZR-killer PU"
    dropped it into an old MIJ P bass copy. lots of low end great tone overall. can be bright but tone control is quite linear and useable. piece of cake install. overall, my old bass sounds killer.
  3. joebar reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    G&L L2500

    "awesome bass"
    theL2500 was born to run in series and on the front PU or the PU's combined. this seems to be its sweet spot. the bass is very hot and bright but the highs can be dialled down to a nice balance. the bass sounds just as good in passive mode as well. custom shop quality in build. some of the best electronics out there and a very transparent preamp. the K mod option isn't a strong suit and is probably the least useful sound in the bass-you wont miss it. run it in series on any setting and...

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