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Reviews by Kenova

  1. Kenova reviewed a Item in the category Bass Guitar Strings.

    Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris signature flatwounds

    "Non traditional bright sounding flatwounds"
    SOUND: Initialy they are very bright with similiar ''zing'' from roundwounds but not over the top, you can still hear focused mids and warm huge bass foundemental in the core, they are not thumping like someone would think when people talk about flats. They are definenitely ultimate rock flats and they are great combination with the pick, you can easily hear that agression and strong midrange. with tone rolled off you can hear plenty of warmth and bass. E string is BRUTAL sounding with...
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  2. Kenova reviewed a Bass in the category Bass Guitars.

    Peavey Patriot

    "'87 USA Peavey Patriot"
    This bass is pretty rare so I will write one nice review to help people so they can find some usefull informations. Body is mahogany with fine grains, it's nicely contoured, small and fairly light. You have slightly pointed horns, lower horn is scaloped enough to play easely on the last frets. Finish is oil based, something like on Warwick basses. You have 3-ply black/white/black pickguard with one volume control, tone control and output jack, there is weak spot near the jack output so you...
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